Friday, February 3, 2012

January Deals Wrap-Up!

January Coupon Deals and Ad Match-ups!

You will notice that toothpaste, floss and Up2U gum were my deals of the month!  LOL  Tom Thumb had Colgate 6.4 oz on for $.99 this month.  I used the $.75 coupon from the newspaper and snagged toothpaste for $.24 each!  I stocked up and used all my coupons on this deal!  We'll be in the toothpaste for a while.  ;) 
I matched an ad for Alkaseltzer for $.98 - which was a good deal, but I used a $2 off coupon and got $1.02 overage on each one.  The gum is another cool deal of the month.  It runs $1.28 at wm and I used a $1 coupon.  Up2U is our favorite gum these days.  I also plan to use it in a Valentine project, so woo-hoo! 
Does anyone else love French Bread Sandwiches?  Oh boy we do!  I picked up French Bread with an ad match for $1 a loaf.  Woo-Hoo!  Subs all week guys! 
Brookshire's had bags on sale for $1 one week so I stocked up by matching the ad at wm. 
Have you tried the Asian Helpers yet?  We've done the Chicken Lo Mein so far - not too bad.  I got these with an ad match for $.99 and used a swagbucks coupon for $.80/4 - so I got each for $.79 plus I earned 10 swagbucks!  What a deal! 
Have you made a pink lemonade pie?  I haven't ever made one yet, but I want to try one.   I picked up frozen concentrate with an ad match for $.99!  I plan to make this one over the weekend!  Yum!
Bananas have been on sale several weeks this month.  I matched them a few times for $.33 and once for $.44.  I also picked up apples for $.99 a few times.  We go through a lot of apples around here, so I am always glad to find a good deal on them.
I picked up oranges 20 for $1 - that's a spectacular deal!  I also picked up sweet potatoes for $.50 a pound. I got lettuce for $.79.  I like these kind of deals, it allows me to pick up extras to take to one of our MOW clients, Mrs. Ford. 

Canned veggies 5 for $1 - a great stock up deal!  Love it!  I stocked us up and also snagged some extras for Mrs. Ford. 
Here is a good CVS deal - I got $5 extra bucks for buying the Naturemade multipack, plus I used a $7 coupon.  I also got $3.49 extrabucks for the D3 vitamins.  I used extrabucks to buy it all, so actually cost less than $2 for them all!  

Below you can see where the camera started to poop out on me and my pictures started to look overexposed.  Time for a new lens baby!

Check out the 100 extra point cards I got for ECCHO - Yeah!
More toothpaste! 
More toothpaste and is also the free floss ($1 off coupon) and free pens ($1 off coupons).  I got the bodywash at $2.49 (ad match) and used a $2 off coupon - great deal!  I also got $.55 off my favorite licorice candy...oh yeah! 
More toothpaste, body wash, gum and pens.  Can't let those coupons go to waste!  I also picked up some beans using a $.55/3 coupon and tp with an ad match $6.99 for 24 rolls plus a $.45 off coupon! 
I hit the jackpot at the Midlothian wm - racked up lots of free pens with my $1 off coupons.  Plus campbells labels on each one!  Woo-Hoo! 
More pens, floss, toothpaste and bodywash.  Plus bananas for $.33 and tomatoes for $.33.  I also matched corn tortillas for $1.99 for the 80 count and Bama Grape Jelly for $.98 - that must have been a big match item because there was only three on the shelf! 
More of the dawn - I matched an ad for $.99 and used my $.25 off coupons.  I love this stuff! 
My last shop of the month.  I saved $84 in coupons alone on this shop and a ton in ad matches!  I matched bananas for $.44 and mushrooms for $1.50 a carton.  I got potatoes for $.99/5lbs and lettuce for $.59.  I also matched apples and hamburger buns for $.99 and cucumbers for 3/$1.  I picked up more tomatoes for Mrs. Ford for $.33 lb too.   
I matched A&W and Pepsi's for $.99.  I also got sb mac and cheese for 3 for $1 and canned corn and green beans 5 for $1.  Planters PB was $1.49 and OM ham was $2.69 plus I used a $1 off 2 coupon.  I got Butterball Turkey bacon for $1.19 and used a $.55 coupon. Man oh Man did I stock up on these - love this stuff...especially when it's lovingly wrapped around asparagus.  YUM!  I also matched an ad for Ken's 9 oz salad dressing for $1 - then used my $1/1 coupon...FREE!

More coupon deals...Pickle relish was $.23 with a $.75 coupon and Up2U was $.28...floss - free with coupon.  I matched an ad for Fabuloso for $.99.  I love the smell of this stuff!  I have found that when we leave the house a few days it's awesome to dump a little down the drains and into the toilets.  We come home to good smells! 
More toilet paper deals!  I matched an ad for $4.99 and used a $1 off coupon.  What a great deal!

It was a good month of coupon deals.  I am excited to see what comes up in February...until then...happy couponing!

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