Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ad Match-up List for My Upcoming Wal-Mart Trip

Okay Couponers and Ad Matchers! LOL - Well the days of picking up the ads are over it does seem. The websites will have to do these days as some have again ruined it for all. But not to fear! I think it can be done and if you really feel that you need to take the ad in - you can print it from the website. So look to the future when I will have a compile list of stores/websites for you to visit.
For now though I am going to share my "finds" from this last weeks ads. I haven't gone through kroger, tom thumb and albertsons yet so I will share those later.

Fiesta has 2lb bags of store brand pinto beans for $.99 - I am going to see if wm carries a 2 lb bag to match too, I am pretty sure they do.

Fiesta also has VO5 shampoo and conditioner on sale for $.77.

Fiesta has the SB 50 ct ibuprofen on sale for $1.98 - I am going to check out this at wm and see if it saves any. Hubby wants me to start adding more "pharmaceutical" type items to my stockpiling goods.

La Michocana has bananas on sale this week for 3lbs for $.99 - love this deal! Yum!

El Rancho has Kleenex Cottonelle 12 dbl rolls for $4.98 - does anyone know if there are coupons out right now?

Produce at El Rancho - Avocados 5/$1 (sweet!); Cantaloupe $.78; White onions 8/$1 (WOW!) and cucumbers 3/$.99.

El Rancho also has Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for $1lb and Boneless pork stew meat is $1.19 - I will check on this one - most of WM's pork is prepack from a brand like Tyson or Hormel - every now and then though I have seen pork in store packaging which they will match.

El Rancho has the 18 ct eggs for $.98 - yippee!

El Rancho also has Fabuloso 28oz cleaner fro $.99 - I think there may be a coupon for this size if I recall correctly - I will have to check!

El Rod's has Angel Soft 12 dbl or 24 reg. for $4.88 - I am going to check for coupons!

Minyards has 16 oz rubbing alcohol on for $.50 - I am not sure of the regular price at WM so I will check on this deal. They also have 2 count GUM toothbrushes for $1 and 300 count SB cotton swabs are on for $1.39 - again gonna check these out.

El Rio Grande has 5lbs of Russet potatoes for $.99 - a great deal! And Butterball Turkey Bacon 6 oz for $1 - my favorite for the asparagus wraps hubby is famous for! ;)

Save a lot has 3 lbs of Gala Apples for $2.49.

Malone's has Del Monte corn and green beans for $.50 a can - a great deal on the brand name and an $.18 savings off the WM brand! They also have iceburg lettuce for $.59.

Well that is my list this week. I will be shopping on Tuesday, so I hope to update the blog with actual purchases and info after that!

Remember to be kind to your cashier, pass along your savings ideas to others and smile A LOT!

Until next time...wendy

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wally World Shopping

Hey all - I just remembered that I forgot to post about my deals from last week! Oops! But I did post my list prior to shopping! I pretty much stuck to it. There were a few things I was unable to find, but for the most part I racked up the savings! Woo-Hoo!

This week I didn't shop much because I am trying to get us on an every-other-week schedule. But I noticed that Tom Thumb had 64 oz almond breeze on sale for $2.49 - a great deal by itself, but matched with a $.55 off coupon - well that makes it even better! So I ran by wal-mart to grab a couple of random items and some almond milk. I was disappointed to only find 2! But I did get those - I asked a dept. manager and he checked his little computer gun thingy and it said that's all they had in stock and he wasn't sure when they'd have more. I am a little worried that they are going to not carry it. Poo on that! They had a huge case of Silk and only one line of Almond Breeze so I fear that is the case. We switch between the two so it's not really a huge concern as far as brand, but I usually buy what I can match a coupon to an ad for so that is a concern. Oh well, I will keep looking!

This week is ad week, so I will try to post a pre-shopping trip list and get my shopping trip up quickly! ;) We'll see how that works out. LOL

Until next time, clip clip clip your coupons, smile at your cashier and love you some savings!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Deals I plan to check out and possibly match at Wal-Mart!

Hey There All! I got the chance to go through the sales papers tonight and mark some good deals, so I thought I would go ahead and share them with everyone prior to my shopping. I plan to check out these deals and see if they are know the drill. I will be shopping in Midlothian.

Kroger deals:

Asparagus $2.50 (not the best deal, but $.28 cheaper than I saw it regular price last shopping trip and I really have a hankering for those bacon-wrapped asparagus my hubby makes...yum!

2 ltr Pepsi $.86

V05 Shampoo $.69 (Yep we use cheap shampoo around here...I have 3 boys in the house...the fancy stuff just doesn't fit the budget)

Extra Gum $1 - There is a $1/3 coupon in th e7/31 SS

Secret Deodorant 2-3.25oz $.99 - There is a $1/2 coupon in the 8/28 PG

Sprouts has Cantaloupe for $.50 - Woo-Hoo!


Kraft 8 oz Cheese $1.99

8 oz Cool Whip $.88

Hershey's Snack Size Candies $1.88 - There is a coupon in the 8-14SS (My hubby will be excited about these...he keeps asking me to get some chocolate! LOL)

Charmin 9 roll $4.99 - There is a coupon in the 8/18 PG

Ocean Spray 10 count on the go drink mixes $.39


2 liter DP $.79

Pork Sirloin Chops $1.29lb

Beef Crown Roast $1.99lb

Pork Country Style Ribs $.99lb

Lemons 4/$1.00

El Rancho has Lucky Charms on sale for $1.99 - There is a coupon in the 8-17GM (Bug will be ecstatic about this purchase...he keeps asking for Lucky Charms).


Boneless Rump Roast $2.69lb

Cilantro 5/$1

El Rio Grande

Onions 5lbs/$1

Round Tomatoes 3lbs/$1

Cucumbers 3/$1

30 Ct eggs $1 - oh my this is a spectacular match!!!


Pork Sirloin Chops $1.29lb

Calidad Tortilla Chips $2.59 32 oz

Store Brand Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 3/$.98

Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Week at Wally World...The Saga of Savings Continues!

LOL - I just remembered that I haven't blogged my shopping trip from last week - Hello where is my head? I blame all the's frying my brain! LOL

It was another week of savings at the Midlothian Wal-Mart...I am blessed and so thankful for the deals I got. It was another week of ad matching and only a few coupons.

I grabbed Eggs for $1.88 - oh I was glad to see this one as Wal-Mart went from $3.98 to $4.12 in the last week!

Tom Thumb had powerades on sale for $.49 again - love that deal!

And I matched an ad for Sour Cream - $1.49 (regular $1.58). Planning to make some stroganoff with this!

I matched an ad for notebook paper @ $.50 each (regular $.75). I am a pen to the paper kind gal so I love having notebook paper around. I also matched glue for $.33 and Pens for $.50 - plus I used a coupon on the pens - $1/2 so I got 6 packs for FREE! Woo-Hoo! Plus each pack has a Campbell point on it and my coupons had a thingy where we could get 25 extra Campbell's points...Jennifer Carr this are coming your way next week! Yippee!!!

I stocked up on meat! Oh yeah! I love meat deals!
Helps my budget later on when it's not so cheap! LOL - I picked up a whole chicken for $.59 a lb (regular $1.24) - love that! Gonna make stock and much more with this baby! I also got a roast with an ad match for $2.59 a lb (regular $3.98) - yeah!!! And it's a big one so I plan to get two meals out of this baby! I grabbed another tray of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $.98 a lb (regular $1.88). I have recipe for chicken pot pies I plan to try out with these! I also picked up chicken thighs for $.88 lb (regular $1.20). Ground beef was $1 a lb (regular $2.19) again so more burgers for the freezer!

I also did a lot in the produce dept - yeah! I got bananas for $.39 lb - (regular $.56!) I got another bag of mini carrots for $1 (regular $1.44) and a head of green leaf lettuce for $.59 - what a steal it's regularly $1.88!!! I picked up a bunch of asparagus for $1.88 (regular $2.78) - bacon wrapped asparagus here we come!!! YUM! I grabbed more pears for Red and I @ $79 lb (regular $.98 lb). Five pound bags of potatoes were $1 - not a bad deal since regular price is $3.47! I snagged two - more freezer potatoes coming up! I also picked up peaches ($.79 lb) and plums ($.77) to make more freezer jam....yummy! They were both a great deal - regular price is $1.25 lb! You know I think I figured it out...we are eating more veggies because I like them more because I get them for a better deal! LOL

The Nesquik deal just couldn't be beat - $1.50 for the BIG can! Yippee! Since it doesn't have milk in it this is great for Red's chocolate (almond) milk "coffee"! I grabbed four cans because it was just to good to pass up! Stock-Up!!!

Hubby called and reminded me we were out of chips - where did my stockpile go? LOL But I found a deal on Lay's for $2 - not bad I guess...I hate paying that much for snacks, but we love chips with our burgers and sandwiches. The Great Value brand is about $.02 cheaper and we like them, but they were all out. :( Although I did snag a bag of the Great Value ruffles - those are the best chips...better than the "real" ruffles!

Well that was my savings for the's was a good week of deals and smiles from a sweet cashier...Thank You God for the blessings for my family!