Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Deals I plan to check out and possibly match at Wal-Mart!

Hey There All! I got the chance to go through the sales papers tonight and mark some good deals, so I thought I would go ahead and share them with everyone prior to my shopping. I plan to check out these deals and see if they are know the drill. I will be shopping in Midlothian.

Kroger deals:

Asparagus $2.50 (not the best deal, but $.28 cheaper than I saw it regular price last shopping trip and I really have a hankering for those bacon-wrapped asparagus my hubby makes...yum!

2 ltr Pepsi $.86

V05 Shampoo $.69 (Yep we use cheap shampoo around here...I have 3 boys in the house...the fancy stuff just doesn't fit the budget)

Extra Gum $1 - There is a $1/3 coupon in th e7/31 SS

Secret Deodorant 2-3.25oz $.99 - There is a $1/2 coupon in the 8/28 PG

Sprouts has Cantaloupe for $.50 - Woo-Hoo!


Kraft 8 oz Cheese $1.99

8 oz Cool Whip $.88

Hershey's Snack Size Candies $1.88 - There is a coupon in the 8-14SS (My hubby will be excited about these...he keeps asking me to get some chocolate! LOL)

Charmin 9 roll $4.99 - There is a coupon in the 8/18 PG

Ocean Spray 10 count on the go drink mixes $.39


2 liter DP $.79

Pork Sirloin Chops $1.29lb

Beef Crown Roast $1.99lb

Pork Country Style Ribs $.99lb

Lemons 4/$1.00

El Rancho has Lucky Charms on sale for $1.99 - There is a coupon in the 8-17GM (Bug will be ecstatic about this purchase...he keeps asking for Lucky Charms).


Boneless Rump Roast $2.69lb

Cilantro 5/$1

El Rio Grande

Onions 5lbs/$1

Round Tomatoes 3lbs/$1

Cucumbers 3/$1

30 Ct eggs $1 - oh my this is a spectacular match!!!


Pork Sirloin Chops $1.29lb

Calidad Tortilla Chips $2.59 32 oz

Store Brand Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 3/$.98

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