Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrapping up 2011

Well this has been a really slow shopping month for me (well other than Christmas stuff that is!)  

My stockpile has seen us through I am very thankful to say and other than a few really great deals at Walgreens and CVS I haven't done much at all.

I am welcoming 2012 and hoping to say more than ever and keep my family STOCKED UP!

Until next year...we-

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My latest shopping trip!

Okay the final post and I am caught up with all the shopping from the last month! LOL I did some wal-mart shopping and got some good deals!

I had 5 more J&J coupons so I got 5 more free first aid kits - made $.03 on each!

I ad matched a chicken for $.69 lb - put this baby in the freezer for a later meal! I also ad matched pork chops for $1.19 lb - they had the good thick ones this time too!

I ad matched lettuce for $.99 and Zesta crackers for $1.50. I also ad matched Allens vegetables for $.59 a can plus I used $.50/3 coupons! Got Bug some lima beans - he's excited!

Scott tp was an awesome deal at $3.99/12 plus I used $1 off coupons - woo hoo! $2.99 tp deal!

DP's were on for $1!

Christmas tree cakes - our favorite seasonal snack were on for $1.25 - they were out of the white ones, but the boys like the chocolate as well.

I also got butter sticks for $.79 - gonna do some baking!!!

Walgreens had a few deals to pick up - so I grabbed Domino brown sugar for $.99 and Blue Diamond almonds for $1.99 - minus a $.60/2 coupon. Carmex was on for $.99 minus $.30 coupon and the Noxema razors were $1.99 minus a $2 coupon so they were FREE!

CVS finds - Nature Made vitamins - B1G1F combined with 2 $1/1 coupons = $2.49 for 200 vitamin C!

Dawn was on for $.99 and I had a $.25 coupon!

Woo-Hoo! Good deals to find and grab! Be kind to those around you and share your savings!

Thanksgiving Shopping with My Big Brother

So what do you do after Thanksgiving dinner is over...the dishes are washed...the bags are packed for the weekend trip...Go to Wal-Mart for some deal finding, chaotic, crazy black "friday" shopping. You were all out there right? LOL

Well since WM actually moved there sale to Thursday night at 10pm...we actually did "Black Thursday" So yep, that's what we were doing...instead of sleeping off the turkey-induced stupor we were driving to Hillsboro wm at 8pm and standing around the store in line at 9pm. We stood around for an hour and quickly scooped up our deals. Since most everything we got was intended for Christmas somewhere there's not really much to reveal...but I did get the boys each a WWE hoodie. Let me tell you how excited they were about those! I also got myself two crockpots for $6 each. What a deal! I am so excited about that purchase. I have been wanting a new crockpot forever, but being the "frugal" person I am, I keep putting it off! LOL - not anymore!

So since our traditional Friday after Thanksgiving shopping was done, we decided to take a road trip to Uncle Mike's in Blanco. You might remember Hubby and I's obsession with the Texas Hill Country. Well it seems the drop of the hat we load up the car and head to the Hill Country.

So what is there to do at Pickle's house on the Friday after Thanksgiving evening? Well talk about coupons of course. So the kids enjoyed playing card games and board games and watching movies while Uncle Pickle and I chatted and clipped and matched! It was a great time. We even went over to the county recycle center to hunt for coupons. They have the coolest recycle center here in town - and to my huge surprise they have a gigantic dumpster for paper. So at about 11pm we Pickle and I went over to the center to hunt for coupons. We had to start his stash you know! LOL We came up with quite a few - Yippee! So his coupon stack began! (And just for those who are wondering - I personally chatted with the county commissioner and he has no problem with people hunting for coupons! Double Yippee!!!)

So what better to do on a Saturday after learning to coupon than to try out your skills right? LOL So we did! Armed with piles of coupons and a detailed list, Pickle, Memaw, Papa and I loaded up and headed to the nearest CVS and Walgreens so Pickle could see the shopping in action. It was fun and tiring! LOL But we racked up several good deals. Since we were shopping on Saturday we knew we'd missed some of the deals for the week, but we got lucky on quite a bit.

At Walgreens, the deals included Manderine oranges and mushrooms for $.59 with a walgreens coupon; Ajax dish detergent for $.89; Kleenex cottonelle tp for $3.99 (12 rolls) combined with a $.50 coupon to make a good tp deal! He also got B1G1F Nature Made vitamins and use
d two $1 coupons! I even set him up a nature made rewards account so he has banked 100 points! 400 more and he'll get a $7 coupon! He also picked up a pack of itunes cards and got a FREE $10 walgreens card - can't beat that!!! Arm & Hammer detergent was on sale B1G2F so he got 3 bottles for $6.99. We found the oral B indicator TB for $1.50 and got $1.50 register rewards and the colgate for $3 with $3 register rewards and crest for $2.50 with $2.50 register rewards. He also got a great deal on Brut deodorant...I am trying to remember the exact price - but it's leaving me, he used $1 coupons though and I believe it was less than $1 each. So he did all this in two transactions to maximize register rewards! I can't remember his total but I think he actually spent less than $5 for everything using his register rewards and gift card. Woo-Hoo!

At CVS we got Pickle signed up for a reward card and the list included Carmex for $1 with $1 extra buck - so FREE! He also got a 10 ct advil for $2.99 with $2.99 extra bucks - so FREE! B1G1F 2 ltr Cokes - $.94 each! He also picked up VO5 shampoo for $.77 and a two count of GUM tb's for $2.99 with $2.99 extra bucks. He also got Irish Spring deodorant for $2.77 with $2 extra bucks. Plus a nail polish kit for Christmas for $2.88 with $2 extra bucks. He did two transactions and even had quite a bit of extra bucks left over for next trip! Oh Yeah!

We were shopping for 4 families while we were out so here's another transaction. At CVS: More Cokes B1G1F; VO5, nail polish, toothpaste and toothbrushes, plus LA Looks hair gel for $2.49 with $2.49 extra bucks; Cepacol lozenges for $4.99 with $4.99 extra bucks and Phillips earbuds for $6.99 with $6 extra bucks - stocking stuffer!!! So this one ended up being two transactions and we also scored some left over extra bucks!

Another transaction - someone needed a tree so we picked up a 6 footer pre lit for $25. Good deals here too! We got Trash bags for $5.99; Charmin for $2.99; pantiliners for $.50 and more ajax; arm and hammer and oral B toothbrushes! You can see the $1.50 register rewards we saved for the next shopping trip!

Here's Mom's Walgreens transaction - she got the Charmin and detergent as well. Plus some infusion hair stuff - on sale with a coupon and register rewards! Plus a dove two pack with coupon and register rewards! Plus Glucerna with a $3 off coupon, Kleenex with a walgreens coupon and Culturelle with a $10 register rewards. Plus the altoids were $.99 with a walgreens coupon!

Mom's CVS deals included flossers for $1.99 with $1.99 extra bucks; Breathe right for $5.99 with $5.99 extra bucks. The carmex and cepacol deal - plus listerine pocketpacks for $2.99 with $2.99 extrabucks and a $.50 coupon.

It was a fun, tiring, deal finding, tiring, family experience that I enjoyed to no end! I loved spending time with my family and helping them learn to find good deals and start their stockpile!!!

More to come!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shopping for The Family Thanksgiving

Well the week before Thanksgiving was a huge trip for me. I hadn't shopped in about a month and we were in need of some things before the family Thanksgiving dinner we had planned.

There were lots of good deals going on this particular week so I figured I better do some stocking up!

I got La Lechera sweetened condensed milk for $.99 plus I used a $.25 coupon so each was $.72 - what a deal!

I also got Crisco vegetable oil for $1.99 with an ad match-up then used coupons to make the deal even sweeter. I had two for $.50 off and 7 for $.25 off so the most I paid was $1.72. Needless to say I don't need to buy oil at $3.48 each any time soon!

I also ad matched Ocean spray cranberry juice for $1.99 (I saved $.98 off the wm price) plus I had several $.50 coupons, so you guessed it - $1.49 each! Woo-Hoo!

Lipton tea bags were on for $1.99 - I used some $.50 coupons and got six boxes for $1.49 each - love that deal!

I matched marshmallows for $.89 from Tom Thumb and snagged three!

I also got flour for $.88 - this is a deal I can't pass up - especially since we make all our own dog treats these days. I store this in zip bags and throw it in the freezer - sweet deal!

Azteca had 30 count eggs for $1.99 so I grabbed one for that great deal.

El Rods had Calidad nacho chips on sale for $2.58 which saves $.50 a bag, but I had some $.75 off coupons so woo-hoo! I saved $1.25 per bag!

I matched Wright's ad for boneless, skinless chicken thighs at $.99 lb and also the assorted pork chops deal at Kroger - $1.99 lb - I grabbed some of those too. I also picked up boneless skinless chicken breasts using the El Rio Grande ad for $1 lb. That is another good one.

Pumpkin Love! I love pumpkin - fall is certainly the time of year to stock up - pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, yum yum yum! I got 10 cans at $.99 each - saving $.69 on each one.

Bruce's Yams were on sale for $.98 at El Rod's - that's a savings of $.78 each.

Hellman's mayo was on sale at Fiesta for $1.99 plus I had a $1 off coupon so I actually got it for $.99.

I also grabbed a few cans of evaporated milk,can't make pumpkin pie without it right, for $.79 - which was the roll back wm had on so no extra savings there. I got a couple of cans of cooking spray using the Save-a-lot ad - $1.59 each - saving me $.29 a can. Wishbone dressing was on sale at Tom Thumb for $1.19 each - I combined that sale with $1 coupons and score six bottles for $.19 each!

Terry's had MOM cereal for $1.99 this week - which saved $.59 on the frosted flakes and $1.29 on the crunch - not bad! The rolls were on sale for $.99 - saving a penny each. Nestle chocolate chips were on for $1.99 this week at Tom Thumb - I used the $1.25/3 coupon and saved about $.70 per bag. Asparagus - (yummy wrapped in turkey bacon...drool) was on for $1.88 lb and 10 lb potatoes were $1.98 - saving me $1.79!

Can't have pumpkin pie without cool whip right - so I grabbed some for $.79 - saved $.17 each. I also saved $.19 each on the stick butter and $1.33 per bag on the frozen fruit. I even got Buttermilk for $.99 - this is my "rid-ex", so I am always looking for a good deal. Biscuits were on for $.88 a can.

I matched an ad for soda's for $.75 each - I stocked us up!

I matched our most favorite ever Ocean Spray cranberry for $.99 - which saves $.17 each. I also matched sb green beans and carrots for 5 for $1 - can you believe $.20 a can - that's a great deal! I replenished our green bean stockpile!!!

I had a $2/1 any size Tide coupon, so I got a trial size for $.97 (to pass along to my friend Angela P) and made $1.03 toward my basket. I also picked up five free first aid kits and made $.03 on each one.

Here is my pride and joy - the Thanksgiving Turkey! LOL

I got it for $.19 a pound so for this big 20+ pound bird it was $3.82! What a winner!!! Love it!

Well that was my before Thanksgiving Day shopping trip. It was a big one, but a good one for sure. Lots of savings and deals. Woo-Hoo!

Until next time, smile alot, clip what you need and share the rest and don't forget to show Jesus' love to your cashier and the long line behind you!!! :)