Saturday, December 10, 2011

My latest shopping trip!

Okay the final post and I am caught up with all the shopping from the last month! LOL I did some wal-mart shopping and got some good deals!

I had 5 more J&J coupons so I got 5 more free first aid kits - made $.03 on each!

I ad matched a chicken for $.69 lb - put this baby in the freezer for a later meal! I also ad matched pork chops for $1.19 lb - they had the good thick ones this time too!

I ad matched lettuce for $.99 and Zesta crackers for $1.50. I also ad matched Allens vegetables for $.59 a can plus I used $.50/3 coupons! Got Bug some lima beans - he's excited!

Scott tp was an awesome deal at $3.99/12 plus I used $1 off coupons - woo hoo! $2.99 tp deal!

DP's were on for $1!

Christmas tree cakes - our favorite seasonal snack were on for $1.25 - they were out of the white ones, but the boys like the chocolate as well.

I also got butter sticks for $.79 - gonna do some baking!!!

Walgreens had a few deals to pick up - so I grabbed Domino brown sugar for $.99 and Blue Diamond almonds for $1.99 - minus a $.60/2 coupon. Carmex was on for $.99 minus $.30 coupon and the Noxema razors were $1.99 minus a $2 coupon so they were FREE!

CVS finds - Nature Made vitamins - B1G1F combined with 2 $1/1 coupons = $2.49 for 200 vitamin C!

Dawn was on for $.99 and I had a $.25 coupon!

Woo-Hoo! Good deals to find and grab! Be kind to those around you and share your savings!

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