Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't Let Those Coupons Expire!!!

Hello All - I am finally getting around to posting the stupendous deals I got last week! Yeah - it never seems to slow down around here. I actually made two trips to Wal-Mart last weekend. After ECCHO classes on Friday we stopped in at the Ennis Wal-Mart. I have to say the Wal-Mat down there is awesome! So much more friendly than the one here in Wax. I will definitely be shopping after ECCHO classes! I had quite a few coupons that were expiring and wanted to make sure I scored the deals before the end of March so I did quite a bit of stockpiling with this round of shopping! I also shopped Albertsons, Kroger. Here are my deals!

Kroger was my first stop while I was out on Saturday - I grabbed some Smart One's for Hubby's lunches - they were on sale and part of the B10G$5 off sale - plus I used a $2/4 coupon so I actually paid $1.24 each. I snagged Kraft cheese for $1.25 using a $1/2 coupon and Kroger's B1G1F sale!

Blistex was $1.39 minus a tripled .35 cent MC = .34 cents each. The Pert was free with a $1/1 coupon and the Dial was $1.19 minus a tripled .35 cent MC = .14 cents each two pack.

FrEe Yakisoba - .88 cents each minus a .50 MC which Kroger doubles (.38 cents off) = FREE!

I also grabbed apples and broccoli crowns for $1 a pound.

Rice-a-roni was on sale for $1.29 minus $5 as part of the B10G$5 off sale - which made them .79 cents each - I used 5 MC for Buy 3 Rice-a-roni get a free Pasta Roni and got an extra $10 off. The MC scanned at $2 off each (the max. amount) - so I actually paid .29 cents each! Score!

I got a great deal on dog food too! Also part of the B10G$5 off sale - I bought 40 so I was awarded $20 off at the register, plus I used 20 B1G1F MC so I paid $0 for all 40 cans! Woo-Hoo! Score a big one for me (and Lady)!

French's Mustard was also part of the B10G$5 off sale so I decided to use up some more expiring soon coupons - It started out at $1.99 each - after the $5 off it went to $1.49 - I used a .35 cent off MC (which triples) so my final price was .44 cents each! Stockpile! I also grabbed the Frenches Spicy Brown Mustard - it started out at $1.59 minus the $5 on 10 - then minus .50 cents MC (which doubles) so it ended up being .09 cents a bottle! Rice was another good deal using a doubled coupon - $1.19 minus .50 cent MC (which doubled) = .19 cents each.

Albertson's was my second stop of kid free shopping on Saturday afternoon. I grabbed some $1.99 ground beef - I see spaghetti in our near future!

My Hubby was super duper excited about the Tangelo's - 99 cents a pound. These are his all-time favorite fruit and I was stoked to find them for such a great price! The boys have been all about the Fugi apples the past few weeks so I grabbed another bag - 99 cents a pound here too! Yeah!

Purex was on sale for $1.99 minus a $1/1 MC. Blistex - $1.49 minus .35 cent MC (tripled) = .44 cents each. Fiber One and Nature Valley bars
were on special - $2.50 (B4G$4off) - $1.50 each
minus .40 cents/1 Fiber One Coupons (doubled)
= .70 cents a box for the Fiber One bars and .50 cent/1 Nature Valley coupons (doubled) = .50 cent for the Nature Valley Bars! Good Deal! I also grabbed some Peter Pan peanut butter for 99 cents each. (I am a HuGeMoNgOuS fan of Jif - but 99 cents a jar - oh you can't beat that!) I also grabbed a Caribbean steak Perfect Pinch seasoning pack for my Hubby - I used a .50 cent Albertson's coupon (from the Monopoly game) and a .75 cent off MC so it was only .25 cents!!!

Quaker Bars - ad match from Tom Thumb $2.22 minus a $1/2 MC. Pop Tarts - ad match from Tom Thumb $1.99 minus a $1/2 MC. Starkist Tuna pouches .78 cents minus .75 cents on 2 MC = .81 cents for two. Uncle Ben's $1.50 minus $1 MC = 50 cents each.

I priced match an ad from El Rancho and picked up Libby's corn and green beans for just 25 cents a can! Stockpile!!!!

Albertson's had Purex on for $1.99 so I matched
the ad then used a $1 MC = .99 cents each. Secret clinical strength trial size $2.47 minus a $2 MC = .47 cents. Nivea face balm $5.54 minus $1 MC -= $4.54. My hubby uses this stuff since his skin is sensitive and I plan to use all my coupons b4 they expire! Carefree liners are .94 cents minus .50 cent MC (another expiring coupon). I am excited to say I bought some new clippers! I recently broke my clippers and had to steal the set I keep by the recliner (grrr). But I printed the $2 MC coupon and wah-lah! .24 cent clippers and they even have the fancy little clipping holder on the
back! Cool! I had 2 parchment paper coupons for
.75 cents off and there was no way I was gonna let these expire! LOL - have you priced this stuff! It's over $3 a roll - but it was less of a stab with the coupons. It's sad how I love this stuff!

I matched a Minyards ad for VO5 and Fabuloso 99 cents each. I matched an ad for Del Monte Ketchup 99 cents too!

I used up my P&G Gain coupons - $3.00/1 - the 40 count sheet is $1.87 so I made $1.13 per box! The purina one beyond was FREE with MC and the Always liners were .93 cents and I used a $1 MC so I made .07 cents each. The coffee is probably my favorite deal. I love flavored coffee - Yum-O! I used twenty-nine $2 off coupons which made the coffee FREE plus I made $10.44! Awesome!!!!

The Ennis Wal-Mart had milk for $1.19 - yeah! I matched an ad from Minyards for the Hot Pockets - $1.69 each minus a $1/3 MC. I used up my Bar S coupons before they expired and took 25 cents off each pack of hot dogs. I matched an Super Providencia ad for the Dan-a-nino $1.67 minus a $1 MC. I match a foodland ad for Jimmy Dean sausage - $2.18 each minus a $1.50/2 MC.

I had some Dole Fruit Bite coupons that were
going to expire so I snagged some for Hubby's lunches - these are $2.49 at Wal-Mart minus a $1 MC.

I used all of my Purina One Beyond coupons and got 16 boxes FREE!

More fabuloso for 99 cents and more secret for 47 cents. Kotex U - I finished up my coupons $2.50/2 and got these for FREE plus made .18 cents! I got the MarroBones for .97 cents each using a $2 MC! I also got Free Breathe Right strips and made .53 cents!

I picked up 8 clorox in all - I matched an ad and got if for 99 cents each minus a .25 cent MC! Can't beat that!

Here you can see more Libby's and DelMonte Ketchup. I matched an ad and picked up 18 count eggs for 99 cents! I also matched an ad from Fiesta for Nabisco saltines (our favorite) for $1.89 (a great price in it's own right) but I lucked out and found peelies on the box for .55 cents off - score! so the final price was $1.39! (That's $2.59 off the regular Wal-Mart price!) I matched an ad for Kool-aid for .10 cents each minus three B10Get5 free (which scan for $1.25 off each) and two .50/5 coupons = .25 cents for 50 packets! Yeah!

Well that is the end of the deals...whew, I am tired just blogging about it. LOL!

Remember be nice to the cashiers, pass along your extra coupons and check those receipts!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Target, AT&T, Albertson's, & Throw-up...not a good combo!

So over the weekend my oldest kiddo has some sort of fever virus. He was fever from Saturday afternoon till Monday so I thought we'd head out and do a little grocery shopping before the ads went off...not to mention we were out of milk and bread. Staying home 4 days in a row had completely tapped our resources.

Well our day started at Target...we went up to Super Target hoping to find some good deals!

I picked up soft scrub using a $1.50/1 manufacturers coupon and $1/1 Target coupon =
99 cents. I also grabbed some Up & Up children's pepto on clearance
for $1.67. (I was thinking for future use - I just didn't know how soon the "future" would be). The puffs were also 99 cents - used a 50 cents/1 manufacturer's coupon & a 50 cents/1 Target coupon. I
forgot to put the Benefiber in the pic - but I picked up a bottle for 94 cents. I used a $3/1 manufacturer's coupon along with a $3/1 Target coupon - great deal!

Target has Campbell's chicken noodle on sale for 60 cents - take off a 40 cents/4 manufacturer's coupon and you get 50 cents a can. We love CN around here so I always snag a sale when I see it. The Jello puddings were a good deal too. I picked up two of those new temptations ones using $1/1 manufacturer's (on each) and a B2G1F Target coupon so I got a free 6 pack of Jello pudding (on which I used a 75 cent/1 manufacturer's coupon = 86 cents each. What a steal! Target has Nabisco crackers on sale for
$2 - take off a $1/2 manufacturer's coupon and $1/2 Target coupon and you get them for $1 a box. Kraft cheese is not on sale but I didn't want to let my Target coupon expire so I grabbed the deal using a $1.00/2 manufacturer's coupon with the $1.50/2 Target coupon = 79 cents a bag. I used a couple of B1G1F Target coupons f
or Reese's PB cups and paid 34 cents each on these.

I think my deal of the day at Target was the cat food. I found Goodlife on clearance for .53 cents - I used $1 coupons, bought 37 and made $17.39! Woo-Hoo!

I also scoured the clearance end caps and found some good deals. I got stickers for .37
cents and .38 cents each. We've been making birthday cars for our
home school swap buddies, so I was excited to find more stickers for cheap! I also picked up a stationary set for $1.48, 2 small notebooks for .98 cents, a Bead making set for $3.74 and a shadow box craft set for $3.74! Score! I love to put together "gift sets" for birthdays and Christmas of fun, crafty, creative things that the kids like to do...these items will be perfect!

My total Target savings was about 87% - $64.81 saved - spent $13.89.

After we went to Target I headed over to the AT&T store because my last phone had finally died. I had kept this old phone from probably 5-6 years ago (as a back-up) and when my phone died a few weeks back I started using it again. Well today it decided it had had enough of me I guess. My poor hubby was trying to call me to let me know he was coming home from work b/c he had been throwing up. Well my crazy phone decided to cut off after about 30 seconds and then wouldn't allow me to call out. I was able to text him so that held me over until the sweet man at the AT&T store fixed me up! I have to say he was so nice to I came in exhausted from my crazy - sick kid filled weekend - tired from no sleep and frustrated with my phone. So I laid it contract is not up for 4 months, I don't want to pay a fortune, I don't need any extra features - something simple that I can talk and text. He led me to the go phone section and said "What would you like". Really I said, but I have a monthly service - no problem he tells me, just put in your sim card and you are ready to rock! Well AWESOME! So Bug picked out a little flip phone for me - $14.99 - can you believe that??? For $16 I got a new working phone and the guy even transferred all my numbers and stuff. Cool! When my hubby feels better I know he will be happy for me!

After we finished getting a new phone I thought well we will run into Albertson's and get some groceries then get home to Daddy. Well that was my plan anyway.

I snagged apples for 99 cents a pound - yeah - we were out! Hamburger helper was on sale B1G1F so I bought six and used two 75 cent off manufacturer's coupons and got them for 59 cents each! I had a Albertson's coupon for 50 cents off McCormick black pepper (from the Monopoly game) - paired it with a $1.00 of Manufacturer's coupon and got a can of pepper for $1. 3 Muskateers were on sale B1G1F so I bought 6 and used 2 manufacturer's B2G1F coupons and got them for 17 cents each!

I also picked up pork chops for $1.49 a pound and ground beef for $1.99 a pound.

Eggo waffles were on sale B1G1F - I used two of my $2/3 coupons from the Tom Thumb Frozen Food booklet and got an extra $2 off (for buying 2 strawberry Eggos) so the final cost was 62 cents a box - Woo-Hoo!

Another good deal was the Fisher Boy products - they were B1G1F and I used $1/1 manufacturer's coupons so I picked up each box for $2.

I got an instant winner coupon last time I was at Albertson's for a free bag of Ore Ida Tater Tots! I love free stuff!

Well as we were finishing up picking out the Eggo's - Bug looks at me and says "Mommy my tummy is cramping". Uh-Oh! So I said, okay lets go pay and head home. (Thinking I need to grab milk and bread here b/c we won't make another stop.) Well on the way to the bread, Bug says "Mommy I need to go to the bathroom"...Uh-Oh! So we head to the front and into the bathroom; where he promptly loses his cookies in the toilet. Poor Bug was throwing up and feeling awful and Red was facing the corner with his hands over his ears gagging. What a mess we were. After rinsing his mouth and getting a cool towel for the back of his neck we headed back to our cart full of items. Bug said he felt better, but he looked a little pale. We paid and headed to the car. As you can guess I completely forgot the milk and the bread. But oh well...I suppose we will live. LOL

Friday, March 18, 2011

Walgreens & CVS

Well I ran into town to drop off some stuff at the resale shop, so I thought I would make a stop at Walgreens and CVS while I was in town. It took a little longer than I thought and my phone went crazy on me while I was in town, but I got it done. I had left my Bug home with Daddy - he was running a little fever when I left, so I was not happy when my phone freaked out on me. UGH! I ended up having to take the battery out to get it to work - crazy phone! But anyway I got some shopping out of the way and back home to my Bug - who's fever had gone up a couple of degrees. After a tepid bath and a dose of Tylenol his fever started to come down - thank
goodness - poor guy was feeling pretty poorly.

Okay on to the shopping. I stopped at Walgreens first. I picked up pine sol using my $1/1 coupon for 99 cents. Shave cream for my hubby using a Walgreen's coupon for 99 cents and jello for 20 cents each - another Walgreen's coupon. I got the Kleenex using a walgreen's coupon and a .50 cent/3 coupon - they were 72 cents. I also picked up 3 bags of potting soil for 99 cents each...forgot to get them in the picture.
I picked up Clearasil for 49 cents and got 10 boxes (3 pack) of cream of wheat for free! Woo-Hoo on that find. I used my $1/1 coupons and the 3 pack size is $1 in the store - so FrEe!!!! Another cool find was the little card wallet you can see in front. It's called a card wheel- I found it on the clearance end cap ($1.49) and thought it was really cool. What a great way to store my savings and gift cards! Love it! I also found a bottle of Children's Clariten (with a bonus pack of chewable) on the clearance shelf for $5.49 - used my $3 coupon and paid $2.49 - plus got a $2 Catalina! Yeah!

My next stop was CVS.
I picked up some great things here! There is a deal going on with P&G - spend $25 get $10 extra bucks. Well I stocked up on Puffs and a pack of batteries - which included an awesome set of coupons! Bonus! Used manufacturer's coupons and got $10 extra bucks on that purchase, so basically I paid $11.50 for 20 batteries and 10 boxes of Puffs! I also picked up Crest pro clinical toothpaste - using a $1 off coupon and got $2.50 EB - so FREE! Dentek has a special if you buy 2 you get $2 EB - plus I had $1/1 coupons so they were 99 cents a pack. I grabbed 4 cans of Progresso soup - on sale B1G1F and used a $1/4 coupon = 74 cents can! The Quaker bars were $1.72 - on sale for $2.22 + a $1/2 coupon. The Dove men's deodorant was FREE - used my rain check from last weeks sale and my $2/1 coupons! Woo-Hoo! The M&M's were a good buy at 36 cents each - CVS has a B2G1F sale going on this week, plus I used my B2G1F coupons so that's 2 free! Yeah! I also snagged $5 EB on the neosporin/band aid deal. If you buy both you get $5 EB - I also had 50 cent off coupons so this was a pretty good deal - $4.98 for both. Oh and I forgot to take a pic of the 2L sodas - Coke is offering a $5 EB deal if you buy $15. Well Cokes are on sale for $1 this week so I stocked up on 15 Cokes/Sprites and got $5 EB - that's 67 cents each! :)

Here's the best part - it's always a great deal
to find coupons inside products! Yipee!

Well I believe that's the scoop o' deals for today...until next time - smile a lot, shop wisely & check those receipts!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last Weekends Shopping...a little late!

Saturday was a big shopping day for us and we grabbed a lot of good buys! Kroger was our first stop - we picked up Free Yakisobas and Hamburger Helper for 63 cents and Steamers for 75 cents each! Woo-Hoo! I had 3 ecoupons that rang up on those and that was a great little bonus!

Don't forget to sign up for those ecoupons!

Our next stop was Walgreens - I picked up Dawn for 74 cents and Hefty trash bags for $4.44. I also got Free protein bars and Coffee Mate for .49 cents each! Yummy! Walgreens had Epson
salt B1G1F so I picked up 2 bags for $4.99! I also picked up Jif (our favorite peanut butter) for $2. I grabbed 8 packages of knee highs for .25 cents each for the tomato plants and other tall plants in the garden. They provide a great tie-on for the stems and offers enough give that it doesn't damage the stem. The colgate was 75 cents. The razors were $5.99 minus $1 coupon and I got $3 register rewards = $1.99 for 12.

Our next stop was Tom Thumb - we picked up Marie Callender's meals
for Hubby's lunches for $1 using a coupon and sale of $2. Not bad! Eggos were on sale for $2 and I had a coupon for $2/3 so I picked them up for $1.33 a box. Red was very excited!!!

Gorton's was on sale B1G1F so I used my $1/1 coupons and picked these up for $1.74 - WoW!

I used a super coupon for the Welch's juice plus a $1 off c
oupon and picked it up for 77 cents
each! Yum! The Oscar Mayer was on sale B1G1F - I used 2 $1 coupons and picked this up for $1.49 - m
y hubby had declared the Roast Beef wonderful! He is rooting for another sale and more coupons! LOL! I grabbed a bag of Clementines for $2.99 and broccoli crowns for 88 cents lb. Kraft Cheese was on sale B1G1F and I used 2 .55 cent coupons and picked it up for $1.19 each. Of course...FREE Mentos pn sale for $1 - using a 50 cent coupon which doubled!

Albertsons had Campbell's Chicken Noodle on sale for 2 for $1 and I used a few coupons to get a great deal - 24 cents a can! I also grabbed a bag of salad for 99 cents and pringles for $1 - minus $1/2 so 50 cents a can! (BBQ - Bug and I's fav!) I grabbed some pasta at 2/$1 and Yogurt for 36 cents each. I stocked up on pizza's for 75 cents each.

CVS was our last stop of the day and we grab a goodie for each of us using the CVS coupons Hubby and I received via email! I chose a Pepsi and the boys chose a bag of Rootbeer barrels - FREE! We also snagged 6 boxes of popcorn for 85 cents a box! Yeah!

Last Sunday was the most exhausting Wal-Mart trip I have ever had. It was crazy and frustrating! But the deals were great, so later when I thought more about it I figured it worked out okay. I ended up going to two Wal-Marts before the day was out so I could use my ads and coupons before they expired/ended. Our local Wal-Mart gave me such a terrible time about using my coupons I ended up leaving most of my cart behind. The CSM actually told me that I could not complete another transaction on the same day. Funny! I've been banned from Wal-Mart. So the boys and I ended up traveling down the road to another Wal-mart to finish up (after confronting the store manager of the other store). Thank goodness for Nintendo DS - I don't think my boys would have been so agreeable with all the store hopping.
Anyway on to the deals - I matched an ad and picked up Jimmy Deal and Eckrich for $2.18 each - minus a .55 cent coupon on the Eckrich and a $1.50/2 coupon on the Jimmy Dean.

I matched an ad on tomato sauce and picked up 8/$1! The toothpaste, purex 3-n-1 sheets, tide and Kotex U and Secret deodorant were free plus money maker! The whiskas were 26 cents each and the tomato paste was 24 cents. The Bayer low dose was an ad match at $1.99 and a $1 off coupon. Great deal for Lady's aspirin (our dog). I used a $1.50/2 coupon to pick up a couple more medical tapes for the medicine cabinet.
The pasta was my hot deal of the day and the real reason I made the trip to another Wal-mart. I knew I wouldn't
make it before the sale ended on Tuesday and it
was just too hot to pass up! Albertsons had Ronzoni Smart Taste and Ronzoni Healthy Harvest on sale for 2/$1 - great deal except when I was there on Saturday they were sold out. Bummer right - nope - price match! I had a $1/2 coupon - well 50 to be exact, so I got 100 boxes of pasta for FREE! Woo-Hoo!

So that was my Wal-Mart started at $131 and after coupons I paid $8.16...the cashier's response was "Did your bill just go from $131 to $8.16? :) Love it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I got some good deals at Target and a new Freezer!

My New Freezer!!!!

Check out what my hubby brought home for me! Woo-Hoo! It's my belated birthday present and I couldn't be happier! So awesome! Now I can stockpile all the good deals I find! You Rock Honey!!!

Here is my Hubby getting it in its place in the garage! I am so excited to have more room for the freezer deals I find. Our little freezer has been literally StUfFeD to splitting lately. It's rather frustrating trying to find stuff! Not anymore! My hubby's got the hook up with an used appliance dealer and I love it!

So now on to my Target deals! Today after ECCHO (Homeschool Coop) the family and I had to make a few stops. While the Hubby and boys stopped in to Lowe's to pick up the plants for our freshly plowed garden, I ran in to Target! Got some good kid-free shopping time in! Thanks to Daddy!!! It was a good deal finding day at Target and I used some of my Target coupons to help me save some $$$!

With a $1/2 Target Windex coupon and $1/1 Manf. Coupons I was able to get windex for .99 cents each. I also got another bottle of bleach cleaner for .37 cents with a Target $1/1 up and up cleaner coupon! Great deal on this stuff - I love this cleaner and my stockpile is stocked! Woo-Hoo!

On to Health and Beauty - I scored here! Target has a $1/1 up and up oral care coupon out and I got toothbrushes - 1 for .29 cents (snagged the last one) and a two pack for .79 cents. I snagged 500 q-tips for $1.99 using a .50 cent off coupon. I also picked up two bottles of Bug's favorite coconut scented Suave shampoo for .09 cents each using the .75 cent off Suave hair care Target coupon. Needless to say Bug was very excited. LOL - poor kid! :) The Excedrin was another great deal! I picked up a 50 count of the Migraine stuff using a $3 off Target coupon and a .75 cent off Manf. coupon for $2.24. I picked up three 20 count extra strength Excedrin for Free and made .16 cents on each bottle using the $3 off Target coupon and .75 cent off Manf. coupons. Oh Yeah!!! I also printed 2 $2/1 Flintstone coupons from the Target site, matched them with $1/1 Manf. coupons and picked up vitamins for Red for $3.49! The Benefiber was a complete steal let me tell you!!! I printed a $7/2 Manf. coupon and a 2 $3/1 Target coupons and wah-lah .44 cents each! I also found bandaids on clearance for $1.54 and used .50 cent off coupons and picked up 3 boxes! The boys love that the new Transformer band-aids! I see lots of boo-boos in the near future! LOL! The first aid kit was in need of tape so I used my $1.50/1 coupons and picked up two rolls for $1.09 each.

Other great finds included a package of undies for my sweet hubby! On clearance for $4.24 (which was a register surprise as they were marked $5.94) - used a $1/1 Hanes Item Target coupon and got them for $3.24! What a steal - and it was even a bonus pack with an extra pair!

I also found a pair of tights for myself - on clearance for
$1.98 - take off another $1/1 Hanes Item Target coupon
and wah-lah - .98 cents!

The freezer section offered us a great deal on Toaster Strudels! Target has a $1.50/3 general mills items coupons - Awesome!!! I picked up Toaster Strudels - (Bug's favorite Cinnamon) using 3 GM coupons ($1.50 each) as well as $1/3; .60 cents/2 and two .50/2 Man. coupons - that equals $1.10 each! Yeah!
I also used my $1/2 Kraft cheese and two .55 cent Manf. coupons - $1.59 each on these!

Well that's the deals for today! Love the savings!
Until next time - match up your deals, be kind to your cashier and check those receipts!