Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom's out shopping while the boys are home!

The trip actually started at Target. Red and I started out at the front with the Dr. Seuss readers. We listened to a couple of stories and got a goodie bag! Yippee! Daddy and Bug showed up and he got a goodie bag too. The boys and I did a little shopping while Daddy ran and errand. That made for an interesting trip since I had A LOT of deals to peg before I left Target! But we made it! Thanks for some $1 off kid's meal coupons at the food court it turned out well!

I scored some good deals like zip top bags - which was awesome because I was completely out!

Other good deals included Finish dishwashing tabs for 25 cents and FREE jeans - 2 pairs for me! Woo-Hoo! 4 cent Dentyne was another find! 99 cent cereal and 49 cent lightbulbs were also on the list. I got some FREE Maalox and even made a little on that one! Yippee!

All in all it was a great haul! I took a bill of $120.12 down to $11.67 with sales and coupons. Not bad, Not bad at all!!! :)

After Target Hubby and the boys headed home...they were done shopping. LOL

I headed over to Walgreens. Walgreens had some good sales this last week. I picked up some
more pringles with my $1 off 2 coupons that were going to expire on the 28th. We love pringles around here so a coupon is never wasted! I also got a good deal on ziplocs with my $1.25 off 2 coupon - I even found a couple of "bonus" boxes! :)

Dove deodorant was my find of the day!
Walgreen's had a coupon in their circular for $1.99 and I had several $2 coupons! Woo-Hoo! FREE deodorant. I shared a several coupons with another lady in the aisle and she was excited about getting a good deal too! We did a little Free deodorant dance right there in the store! ;)

Other good finds were Jello, gum and Axe Deodorant. My Hubby has been wanting some Axe and I keep saying be patient it will go on sale. ;) So with the sale and B1G1F Coupons I paid $1.20 each. I also stocked up on gain dish liquid before my coupons went out. I picked up Cholestoff B1G1F and used $4 coupons for a heck of a deal!

Although the Cholestoff turned out to be quite an ordeal. Apparently when stocked a different type was put in with the regular one we buy and I didn't notice. So Sunday I went back in to exchange it for the correct one. Mind you I had already gotten my "free" one on Saturday. Well when the cashier rang it up he refunded the wrong one but didn't charge me for the right one because Walgreens has the same B1G1F sale this week. Well I had a feeling it was wrong, but staring at the receipt I couldn't figure it out. Well, when I got home and went over this weeks ad I saw the B1G1F ad and thought - that's what it was - the computer automatically gave me a free one since that is the sale. So needless to say I had to go back in on Monday and fix the mistake. I felt terrible that I actually had not paid for either bottle - but the manager was very kind and corrected it. Whew...three days of Cholestoff was enough for me! ;)

But anyway after all the hassle, I saved a grand total of $108.39!!! It was worth it I suppose!

My last stop was CVS - I picked up Colgate and Pepsi's - Saved $$15.78 and got $4 in extra bucks! Not a bad little pick-up there. My hubby was most excited about the Pepsi's! ;)

Well all in all the savings were good and my stockpile grew....so I was a happy shopper!

Until next time...watch your ads...match your coupons and most important check your receipts!

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