Friday, March 18, 2011

Walgreens & CVS

Well I ran into town to drop off some stuff at the resale shop, so I thought I would make a stop at Walgreens and CVS while I was in town. It took a little longer than I thought and my phone went crazy on me while I was in town, but I got it done. I had left my Bug home with Daddy - he was running a little fever when I left, so I was not happy when my phone freaked out on me. UGH! I ended up having to take the battery out to get it to work - crazy phone! But anyway I got some shopping out of the way and back home to my Bug - who's fever had gone up a couple of degrees. After a tepid bath and a dose of Tylenol his fever started to come down - thank
goodness - poor guy was feeling pretty poorly.

Okay on to the shopping. I stopped at Walgreens first. I picked up pine sol using my $1/1 coupon for 99 cents. Shave cream for my hubby using a Walgreen's coupon for 99 cents and jello for 20 cents each - another Walgreen's coupon. I got the Kleenex using a walgreen's coupon and a .50 cent/3 coupon - they were 72 cents. I also picked up 3 bags of potting soil for 99 cents each...forgot to get them in the picture.
I picked up Clearasil for 49 cents and got 10 boxes (3 pack) of cream of wheat for free! Woo-Hoo on that find. I used my $1/1 coupons and the 3 pack size is $1 in the store - so FrEe!!!! Another cool find was the little card wallet you can see in front. It's called a card wheel- I found it on the clearance end cap ($1.49) and thought it was really cool. What a great way to store my savings and gift cards! Love it! I also found a bottle of Children's Clariten (with a bonus pack of chewable) on the clearance shelf for $5.49 - used my $3 coupon and paid $2.49 - plus got a $2 Catalina! Yeah!

My next stop was CVS.
I picked up some great things here! There is a deal going on with P&G - spend $25 get $10 extra bucks. Well I stocked up on Puffs and a pack of batteries - which included an awesome set of coupons! Bonus! Used manufacturer's coupons and got $10 extra bucks on that purchase, so basically I paid $11.50 for 20 batteries and 10 boxes of Puffs! I also picked up Crest pro clinical toothpaste - using a $1 off coupon and got $2.50 EB - so FREE! Dentek has a special if you buy 2 you get $2 EB - plus I had $1/1 coupons so they were 99 cents a pack. I grabbed 4 cans of Progresso soup - on sale B1G1F and used a $1/4 coupon = 74 cents can! The Quaker bars were $1.72 - on sale for $2.22 + a $1/2 coupon. The Dove men's deodorant was FREE - used my rain check from last weeks sale and my $2/1 coupons! Woo-Hoo! The M&M's were a good buy at 36 cents each - CVS has a B2G1F sale going on this week, plus I used my B2G1F coupons so that's 2 free! Yeah! I also snagged $5 EB on the neosporin/band aid deal. If you buy both you get $5 EB - I also had 50 cent off coupons so this was a pretty good deal - $4.98 for both. Oh and I forgot to take a pic of the 2L sodas - Coke is offering a $5 EB deal if you buy $15. Well Cokes are on sale for $1 this week so I stocked up on 15 Cokes/Sprites and got $5 EB - that's 67 cents each! :)

Here's the best part - it's always a great deal
to find coupons inside products! Yipee!

Well I believe that's the scoop o' deals for today...until next time - smile a lot, shop wisely & check those receipts!!!

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