Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't Let Those Coupons Expire!!!

Hello All - I am finally getting around to posting the stupendous deals I got last week! Yeah - it never seems to slow down around here. I actually made two trips to Wal-Mart last weekend. After ECCHO classes on Friday we stopped in at the Ennis Wal-Mart. I have to say the Wal-Mat down there is awesome! So much more friendly than the one here in Wax. I will definitely be shopping after ECCHO classes! I had quite a few coupons that were expiring and wanted to make sure I scored the deals before the end of March so I did quite a bit of stockpiling with this round of shopping! I also shopped Albertsons, Kroger. Here are my deals!

Kroger was my first stop while I was out on Saturday - I grabbed some Smart One's for Hubby's lunches - they were on sale and part of the B10G$5 off sale - plus I used a $2/4 coupon so I actually paid $1.24 each. I snagged Kraft cheese for $1.25 using a $1/2 coupon and Kroger's B1G1F sale!

Blistex was $1.39 minus a tripled .35 cent MC = .34 cents each. The Pert was free with a $1/1 coupon and the Dial was $1.19 minus a tripled .35 cent MC = .14 cents each two pack.

FrEe Yakisoba - .88 cents each minus a .50 MC which Kroger doubles (.38 cents off) = FREE!

I also grabbed apples and broccoli crowns for $1 a pound.

Rice-a-roni was on sale for $1.29 minus $5 as part of the B10G$5 off sale - which made them .79 cents each - I used 5 MC for Buy 3 Rice-a-roni get a free Pasta Roni and got an extra $10 off. The MC scanned at $2 off each (the max. amount) - so I actually paid .29 cents each! Score!

I got a great deal on dog food too! Also part of the B10G$5 off sale - I bought 40 so I was awarded $20 off at the register, plus I used 20 B1G1F MC so I paid $0 for all 40 cans! Woo-Hoo! Score a big one for me (and Lady)!

French's Mustard was also part of the B10G$5 off sale so I decided to use up some more expiring soon coupons - It started out at $1.99 each - after the $5 off it went to $1.49 - I used a .35 cent off MC (which triples) so my final price was .44 cents each! Stockpile! I also grabbed the Frenches Spicy Brown Mustard - it started out at $1.59 minus the $5 on 10 - then minus .50 cents MC (which doubles) so it ended up being .09 cents a bottle! Rice was another good deal using a doubled coupon - $1.19 minus .50 cent MC (which doubled) = .19 cents each.

Albertson's was my second stop of kid free shopping on Saturday afternoon. I grabbed some $1.99 ground beef - I see spaghetti in our near future!

My Hubby was super duper excited about the Tangelo's - 99 cents a pound. These are his all-time favorite fruit and I was stoked to find them for such a great price! The boys have been all about the Fugi apples the past few weeks so I grabbed another bag - 99 cents a pound here too! Yeah!

Purex was on sale for $1.99 minus a $1/1 MC. Blistex - $1.49 minus .35 cent MC (tripled) = .44 cents each. Fiber One and Nature Valley bars
were on special - $2.50 (B4G$4off) - $1.50 each
minus .40 cents/1 Fiber One Coupons (doubled)
= .70 cents a box for the Fiber One bars and .50 cent/1 Nature Valley coupons (doubled) = .50 cent for the Nature Valley Bars! Good Deal! I also grabbed some Peter Pan peanut butter for 99 cents each. (I am a HuGeMoNgOuS fan of Jif - but 99 cents a jar - oh you can't beat that!) I also grabbed a Caribbean steak Perfect Pinch seasoning pack for my Hubby - I used a .50 cent Albertson's coupon (from the Monopoly game) and a .75 cent off MC so it was only .25 cents!!!

Quaker Bars - ad match from Tom Thumb $2.22 minus a $1/2 MC. Pop Tarts - ad match from Tom Thumb $1.99 minus a $1/2 MC. Starkist Tuna pouches .78 cents minus .75 cents on 2 MC = .81 cents for two. Uncle Ben's $1.50 minus $1 MC = 50 cents each.

I priced match an ad from El Rancho and picked up Libby's corn and green beans for just 25 cents a can! Stockpile!!!!

Albertson's had Purex on for $1.99 so I matched
the ad then used a $1 MC = .99 cents each. Secret clinical strength trial size $2.47 minus a $2 MC = .47 cents. Nivea face balm $5.54 minus $1 MC -= $4.54. My hubby uses this stuff since his skin is sensitive and I plan to use all my coupons b4 they expire! Carefree liners are .94 cents minus .50 cent MC (another expiring coupon). I am excited to say I bought some new clippers! I recently broke my clippers and had to steal the set I keep by the recliner (grrr). But I printed the $2 MC coupon and wah-lah! .24 cent clippers and they even have the fancy little clipping holder on the
back! Cool! I had 2 parchment paper coupons for
.75 cents off and there was no way I was gonna let these expire! LOL - have you priced this stuff! It's over $3 a roll - but it was less of a stab with the coupons. It's sad how I love this stuff!

I matched a Minyards ad for VO5 and Fabuloso 99 cents each. I matched an ad for Del Monte Ketchup 99 cents too!

I used up my P&G Gain coupons - $3.00/1 - the 40 count sheet is $1.87 so I made $1.13 per box! The purina one beyond was FREE with MC and the Always liners were .93 cents and I used a $1 MC so I made .07 cents each. The coffee is probably my favorite deal. I love flavored coffee - Yum-O! I used twenty-nine $2 off coupons which made the coffee FREE plus I made $10.44! Awesome!!!!

The Ennis Wal-Mart had milk for $1.19 - yeah! I matched an ad from Minyards for the Hot Pockets - $1.69 each minus a $1/3 MC. I used up my Bar S coupons before they expired and took 25 cents off each pack of hot dogs. I matched an Super Providencia ad for the Dan-a-nino $1.67 minus a $1 MC. I match a foodland ad for Jimmy Dean sausage - $2.18 each minus a $1.50/2 MC.

I had some Dole Fruit Bite coupons that were
going to expire so I snagged some for Hubby's lunches - these are $2.49 at Wal-Mart minus a $1 MC.

I used all of my Purina One Beyond coupons and got 16 boxes FREE!

More fabuloso for 99 cents and more secret for 47 cents. Kotex U - I finished up my coupons $2.50/2 and got these for FREE plus made .18 cents! I got the MarroBones for .97 cents each using a $2 MC! I also got Free Breathe Right strips and made .53 cents!

I picked up 8 clorox in all - I matched an ad and got if for 99 cents each minus a .25 cent MC! Can't beat that!

Here you can see more Libby's and DelMonte Ketchup. I matched an ad and picked up 18 count eggs for 99 cents! I also matched an ad from Fiesta for Nabisco saltines (our favorite) for $1.89 (a great price in it's own right) but I lucked out and found peelies on the box for .55 cents off - score! so the final price was $1.39! (That's $2.59 off the regular Wal-Mart price!) I matched an ad for Kool-aid for .10 cents each minus three B10Get5 free (which scan for $1.25 off each) and two .50/5 coupons = .25 cents for 50 packets! Yeah!

Well that is the end of the deals...whew, I am tired just blogging about it. LOL!

Remember be nice to the cashiers, pass along your extra coupons and check those receipts!

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