Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rango, Kroger, Tom Thumb and Albertsons

My sweet Hubby and I decided Saturday would be a great day to take the boys for a picture show, Chinese food (at our favorite restaurant) and some shopping. Okay so maybe they weren't so excited about the shopping...but they decided it was worth the trip to see Rango! ;)

So we headed to the movies and found a great deal when we got there! We had our free movie passes (Thanks Uncle Phillip!) so the movie didn't cost us anything to get in to. I brought along the Cinemark giftcard I found in the bottom of my purse (it still had $6.50 on it) and printed my weekly movie coupon from Cinemark (Buy any size popcorn get a free small drink) so we were set! Then we got in line and saw a deal - Buy a $6 popcorn tub and get $3 refills until 12/31/11. Plus we got our free soda - used the gift card and paid a big fat $0! Yippee! My Hubby and my boys are HUGE popcorn fans so getting a great "refillable" tub deal is so CoOl! Doing the savings dance here!!!

After Rango (- which the boys thought was completely hilarious!!!) we headed over to Ton's for some awesome, delicious, tremendously superb Chinese food. They have the BEST egg rolls ever!

After refueling we were ready to shop. Reusable bags,
coupon books and DS's in tow we headed to Kroger -
our first deals of the day were awaiting our arrival!

I think the favorite here was the Cinnamon Cheerios - the boys and my Hubby absolutely LoVe them and with my 75 cent off coupon they were a great deal! I also got Hamburger helper (Bug's favorite meal) for 72 cents a box. The (best ever) Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie were $1 each and the fiber one bars were a great deal at .79 - my 50 cent coupon doubled and I had a 50 cent ecoupon as well! Woo-hoo! Hubby found apples 3 for $1 and I picked up B1G1F Vitamins - I used some $1 off coupons and got Red's kid vitamins for $4.50 (120) and Vitamin D for Hubby and I for $4.30 (100). I got puffs for .99 cents (200 ct!!!) and 8 rolls of Bounty paper towels for $2.99 - That was a great deal - on sale for $5.99 - $1 P&G coupon and a $2 ecoupon! AwEsOmE!!! We also picked up 17 bottles of Mentos gum for FREE! It was on sale for $1 - used my 50 cent coupons - which doubled and presto - chango - FrEe gum!

Our next stop was Tom Thumb. The boys like the car baskets here! :) We even took the time to do a money lesson with Bug since the store was slow and there wasn't anyone behind us in line. The cashier was just the sweetest! We found fruit snacks on sale for .49 cents after coupons - one was actually free since they doubled the first one. I also found Quaker oatmeal squares for 49 cents. They were on sale - buy 4 pay $1.49 each - well combined with my $1 off coupon - 49 cents! I actually got the last 4! Cheerios were included in this sale and I had some $1/2 coupons so I paid .99 cents a box! Eggos were on sale for $2 and I used a $2 off 3 coupon to score big - $1.33 each! Hubby and Bug went to pick out the yogurt and found a sweet deal on Dannon Light and Fit - on clearance for 50% off $1.99 - factor in a 40 cent (doubles!) coupon and the final price was 19 cents for a 4 pack! The Danimals were a great deal too - Bug loves these things! A super coupon brought the price to $1.77 each with my $1 off coupons - it was 77 cents for a 6 pack! Love it! The boys were excited when they saw me putting the pop tarts in the cart (a rare treat at our house) - a super coupon brought them to $1.49 and with a $1/2 - .99 cents was a great price! We got 2 liters for 77 cents with a super coupon. I actually divided the basket so we could both get this deal! Love it!!! Pillsbury cinnamon rolls were on sale for $1.50 and with a coupon for 30 cents off (triples!!!) I paid 60 cents each. We did this in three transactions so we could triple the coupon each time! Gotta get the best deal! Bug paid for one all by himself - great money counting lesson! Our last find was Lysol toliet bowl cleaner and disinfecting wipes. A super coupon brought them down to $1.49 and using $1/2 coupons I paid only .99 cents each!

Our last stop brought us to Albertsons. The boys like the emergency vehicle buggy's here -
they usually try to pick a new one each time! I have to admit these 1000 pound buggies are not my favorite, but in the spirit of motherhood I usually find myself pushing one thro
ughout the store! While Hubby and Bug went in search of Marcal paper towels (on sale for 1.19 - $1 coupon = 19 cents each), I began with the Archway cookies display. A $2 off cookie coupon in the weekly circular made these a yummy deal! I also found some good meat deals inhere - They had sirloin steaks on for $2.98 - since my Hubby loves steak tips on for his salad I picked up a package for his lunches these week. I also found boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.49 lb and pork chops for $1.49 a pound. Great deal! Margarine was $2.19 a tub and I got a 50 cent off coupon for my gallon of milk! Cool deal! I found bread for 99 cents a loaf too - grabbed a couple of those!!! Our splurge was the Cutie's tangerines and a couple of tangelos...my Hubby absolutely adores Cutie's tangerines and with my 55 cent off coupon it didn't hurt so much to pay more for something he loves!

Well that was our savings trip for the day...I enjoyed shopping with my hubby and the boys...it was quite funny when we got out to the car and thought - where in the world are we gonna fit 20 rolls of paper towels?!?!?! LOL - a little creative packing and we got it done though!

So until next time...shop smart, clip coupons and check those receipts!


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