Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Target, AT&T, Albertson's, & Throw-up...not a good combo!

So over the weekend my oldest kiddo has some sort of fever virus. He was fever from Saturday afternoon till Monday so I thought we'd head out and do a little grocery shopping before the ads went off...not to mention we were out of milk and bread. Staying home 4 days in a row had completely tapped our resources.

Well our day started at Target...we went up to Super Target hoping to find some good deals!

I picked up soft scrub using a $1.50/1 manufacturers coupon and $1/1 Target coupon =
99 cents. I also grabbed some Up & Up children's pepto on clearance
for $1.67. (I was thinking for future use - I just didn't know how soon the "future" would be). The puffs were also 99 cents - used a 50 cents/1 manufacturer's coupon & a 50 cents/1 Target coupon. I
forgot to put the Benefiber in the pic - but I picked up a bottle for 94 cents. I used a $3/1 manufacturer's coupon along with a $3/1 Target coupon - great deal!

Target has Campbell's chicken noodle on sale for 60 cents - take off a 40 cents/4 manufacturer's coupon and you get 50 cents a can. We love CN around here so I always snag a sale when I see it. The Jello puddings were a good deal too. I picked up two of those new temptations ones using $1/1 manufacturer's (on each) and a B2G1F Target coupon so I got a free 6 pack of Jello pudding (on which I used a 75 cent/1 manufacturer's coupon = 86 cents each. What a steal! Target has Nabisco crackers on sale for
$2 - take off a $1/2 manufacturer's coupon and $1/2 Target coupon and you get them for $1 a box. Kraft cheese is not on sale but I didn't want to let my Target coupon expire so I grabbed the deal using a $1.00/2 manufacturer's coupon with the $1.50/2 Target coupon = 79 cents a bag. I used a couple of B1G1F Target coupons f
or Reese's PB cups and paid 34 cents each on these.

I think my deal of the day at Target was the cat food. I found Goodlife on clearance for .53 cents - I used $1 coupons, bought 37 and made $17.39! Woo-Hoo!

I also scoured the clearance end caps and found some good deals. I got stickers for .37
cents and .38 cents each. We've been making birthday cars for our
home school swap buddies, so I was excited to find more stickers for cheap! I also picked up a stationary set for $1.48, 2 small notebooks for .98 cents, a Bead making set for $3.74 and a shadow box craft set for $3.74! Score! I love to put together "gift sets" for birthdays and Christmas of fun, crafty, creative things that the kids like to do...these items will be perfect!

My total Target savings was about 87% - $64.81 saved - spent $13.89.

After we went to Target I headed over to the AT&T store because my last phone had finally died. I had kept this old phone from probably 5-6 years ago (as a back-up) and when my phone died a few weeks back I started using it again. Well today it decided it had had enough of me I guess. My poor hubby was trying to call me to let me know he was coming home from work b/c he had been throwing up. Well my crazy phone decided to cut off after about 30 seconds and then wouldn't allow me to call out. I was able to text him so that held me over until the sweet man at the AT&T store fixed me up! I have to say he was so nice to me...here I came in exhausted from my crazy - sick kid filled weekend - tired from no sleep and frustrated with my phone. So I laid it out...my contract is not up for 4 months, I don't want to pay a fortune, I don't need any extra features - something simple that I can talk and text. He led me to the go phone section and said "What would you like". Really I said, but I have a monthly service - no problem he tells me, just put in your sim card and you are ready to rock! Well AWESOME! So Bug picked out a little flip phone for me - $14.99 - can you believe that??? For $16 I got a new working phone and the guy even transferred all my numbers and stuff. Cool! When my hubby feels better I know he will be happy for me!

After we finished getting a new phone I thought well we will run into Albertson's and get some groceries then get home to Daddy. Well that was my plan anyway.

I snagged apples for 99 cents a pound - yeah - we were out! Hamburger helper was on sale B1G1F so I bought six and used two 75 cent off manufacturer's coupons and got them for 59 cents each! I had a Albertson's coupon for 50 cents off McCormick black pepper (from the Monopoly game) - paired it with a $1.00 of Manufacturer's coupon and got a can of pepper for $1. 3 Muskateers were on sale B1G1F so I bought 6 and used 2 manufacturer's B2G1F coupons and got them for 17 cents each!

I also picked up pork chops for $1.49 a pound and ground beef for $1.99 a pound.

Eggo waffles were on sale B1G1F - I used two of my $2/3 coupons from the Tom Thumb Frozen Food booklet and got an extra $2 off (for buying 2 strawberry Eggos) so the final cost was 62 cents a box - Woo-Hoo!

Another good deal was the Fisher Boy products - they were B1G1F and I used $1/1 manufacturer's coupons so I picked up each box for $2.

I got an instant winner coupon last time I was at Albertson's for a free bag of Ore Ida Tater Tots! I love free stuff!

Well as we were finishing up picking out the Eggo's - Bug looks at me and says "Mommy my tummy is cramping". Uh-Oh! So I said, okay lets go pay and head home. (Thinking I need to grab milk and bread here b/c we won't make another stop.) Well on the way to the bread, Bug says "Mommy I need to go to the bathroom"...Uh-Oh! So we head to the front and into the bathroom; where he promptly loses his cookies in the toilet. Poor Bug was throwing up and feeling awful and Red was facing the corner with his hands over his ears gagging. What a mess we were. After rinsing his mouth and getting a cool towel for the back of his neck we headed back to our cart full of items. Bug said he felt better, but he looked a little pale. We paid and headed to the car. As you can guess I completely forgot the milk and the bread. But oh well...I suppose we will live. LOL

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