Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kroger, Albertsons & CVS...Fun with the family!

Daddy, the boys and I headed out this afternoon to do a little shopping and eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was a fun time of shopping and family fun! Thanks to Daddy and the Bubba's for helping me snag the deals!

Our saving's trip started at Kroger. We decided to make one stop before eating - well that was Daddy's idea anyway. The boys were both starving and not excited about stopping at Kroger, but they were troopers as we made it a game of "find the deal". While Daddy and the boys went in search of Mentos and Pizzas I searched out a few deals I saw online. Unfortunately they were regional and not in our region. I did get Almond milk for Red for $1.12!
Great savings! It was on sale for 3/$5 and I had 55 cent coupons (thanks to all who shared theirs with me)! I also got Chef Boy R Dee for 36 cents a can after sale and coupon! Awesome! Free Mentos gum and 59 cent trident were among the deals! The pizza were my prize at Kroger today - with the sale, $3 off on 10 deal, e-coupons and manufacturers coupons I got them for 46 cents! Woo-Hoo! We love these little pizzas - so easy to pop in for a quick lunch! Total Kroger savings is $46.79 and I got $6 for my next shopping trip!

After Kroger we stopped at Ton's Chinese restaurant...awesome egg drop soup and the egg rolls ~ oh to die for! I do believe that they use "oatmeal cookie spices" in their egg rolls - they are just delightful! Oh my you certainly can't eat just one! We saved here too by sharing one entree and get a few a la cart items and of course water! You can't beat free water!

After dinner we went to Albertson's to rack up some more savings! The boys found an ambulance buggy they wanted to ride in. It was in front of about 15 buggies, but they talked their Daddy into hauling it out. What a sweet Daddy - he did! So I am in the store looking for deals and 10 minutes later after all the buggy rearranging they come in. :) I sent Daddy and the boys in search of a few items - he had his own list and everything! Albertson's was a good haul! We got paper towels for 29 cents a roll and Kleenex TP for $2.49. Salad was 99 cents and eggs were on sale for $1 - I had a 55 cent coupon off 2 - Woo-Hoo! I got Grands Jr. biscuits for 63 cents a can and Campbells double noodle soup for 60 cents! Bug is really excited about that one! I picked up popcorn for 30 cents a box - Awesome!!!! We go through a lot of popcorn around here so I was excited to find this deal! B1G1F with two 50 cent coupons (which double) = a spectacular deal! There is a deal on the back of the box where I can get 2 !!completely!! free reusable grocery bags! Yeah! I am sending in my UPCs next week! I was so excited about my deal finding that I picked up a bottle of white chocolate mocha coffee creamer - on sale with a 55 cent coupon! Yippee! I can't wait to indulge in the morning! Our total Albertsons savings was $50.75!!!!

Our last stop of the evening was CVS which is right across from Albertsons. I was in search of a Theraflu deal, but my local CVS is cheaper than the one in Desoto - so I passed on that one for now. But I did find some deodorant for Hubby! On sale $2.99 and $1.99, combine with a 50 cent coupon and $2 extra bucks = free deodorant! It was strange b/c one rang up at $1.99 even though it was marked $2.99 on the shelf, but I'll take it! Hubby paid for one and I paid for the other so we could get the $2 extra bucks on each. The store has a limit of one per card. While we were standing in line I noticed a display for the Snickers PB squared - I jumped out of line to catch this deal! :) I have been in search of these and can't seem to find them anywhere!
I had a bunch of B1G1F coupons and was disappointed that I wasn't going to get to use them (Exp. 2/20). It was a great deal since they were on sale for 50 cents each. So I got them for 25 cents each and received $4 in extra bucks (on two cards). The deal was buy 4 Mars candy bars and get $1 - limit 2 per card. So we got the deal! These are going in the freezer for treats - the boys were made because I wouldn't let them eat one tonight! LOL - No Way! I know I know...mean old Momma! Total CVS savings was the best - $36.76 plus $8 in extra bucks!

Well this was our deal finding expedition for the day! What fun we had...and money we saved!

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