Friday, February 18, 2011

Target deals of today!

Well here 'tis! My first post of savings! Are you excited or what!!! :)

I went to Target this afternoon to do a little "alone" shopping. A treat I must admit! Especially since I had a load of coupons to put out in the store...this always takes more time than my boys/Hubby wants to spend. But I love to share extras or items that we just won't use.

My local target shoppers: SAVINGS ALERT! Target has clearance going on...Jergen's lotion - I left a $1 coupon on the shelf. Suave men's shampoo (3 pack) - I left a 50 cent coupon on the shelf. Tide is 15% off and I left a coupon for that too. Pampers and Huggies on sale - I stuck coupons on several - remember you can stack the manufacturer's with the Target to up your savings! Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes and more!

My deals today were vast and many and I didn't take enough bags in for everything, but I did save 30 cents with the 6 I did take in! That certainly scores a Woo-Hoo!

Deal on milk...apparently there was a price "up" today and someone didn't finish their job of changing the shelf tags. A few of them said $1.69 and some said $1.99. Well Wal-Mart is usually cheaper, but making another stop didn't count as savings for me, so I just decided to pick it up while I was there. I let the cashier know of the price discrepancy when it rang up at $1.99...which I refuse to pay by the way...I would have stopped at Wal-Mart! He called the manager gal over and she did a price check - it came back at $1.99, but she told him to change it. I was surprised, I suppose she decided I was honest. I am glad because I try really hard to be forthright and honest in my deal finding! So anyway - deal on milk: $1.69...avoiding Friday night at Wal-Mart: Priceless! :)

Deal # 2: Kraft deli cheese...oh how we love this stuff! I have never spent the money on it before b/c I just didn't think it was worth it. I admit it I am a cheap-o! But I got some a while back for 80 cents and thought "Well okay, we'll try it out!" AUGH! It's awesome! I love cheese anyway and these are spectacular on sandwiches or on crackers or triscuits. Yum-O! While I won't pay full price if I can find a good deal I will certainly grab some up. With my $1/2 Target coupon and my 75 cent manufacturer coupon I got these for $1.08. I thought that was worth it!

My other deals included 20 pack Finish gelpacs for 25 cents! :) Double Stuff Oreo cookies for $2.03 (the 5 sleeve family size box!!!) This is a great one b/c Oreo's are one of the few cookies that do not have milk products in them so Red can have them for dessert. Woo-Hoo! Quaker oatmeal squares (Hubby's fav cereal) $2.14 for the double pack box. 22 pack of instant lower sugar Quaker oatmeal for $2.74. I picked up Jello for 26 cents a box. This is another staple around here - since Red can't have yogurt he eats Jello. I picked up Vaseline lotion for 69 cents and 99 cents; Gillette body wash for 95 cents and sensodyne toothpaste for 24 cents. I got two free Aquafresh extreme clean toothpastes and one for 44 cents as well as men and women's degree deodorants for 22 cents. I also picked up a pair of house shoes for Hubby (next year) for $2.48 and 2 pairs of sweat pants for $1.48 each and 2 sweatshirts for $1.48 each. This was a great find since my kids (especially Bug) lives in pants with elastic instead of buttons.

So my trip was successful! I saved $131.09 total which is about 69% savings. My goal is to get it up to 90% savings!

Okay well that's all for tonight...I really gotta get to bed...everyone else has left me sitting in here playing with blogger and gone to bed. Nite all....till next time, be kind to your cashier, save a load and let the man with only 2 items go in front of you!

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