Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Week at Wally World...The Saga of Savings Continues!

LOL - I just remembered that I haven't blogged my shopping trip from last week - Hello where is my head? I blame all the's frying my brain! LOL

It was another week of savings at the Midlothian Wal-Mart...I am blessed and so thankful for the deals I got. It was another week of ad matching and only a few coupons.

I grabbed Eggs for $1.88 - oh I was glad to see this one as Wal-Mart went from $3.98 to $4.12 in the last week!

Tom Thumb had powerades on sale for $.49 again - love that deal!

And I matched an ad for Sour Cream - $1.49 (regular $1.58). Planning to make some stroganoff with this!

I matched an ad for notebook paper @ $.50 each (regular $.75). I am a pen to the paper kind gal so I love having notebook paper around. I also matched glue for $.33 and Pens for $.50 - plus I used a coupon on the pens - $1/2 so I got 6 packs for FREE! Woo-Hoo! Plus each pack has a Campbell point on it and my coupons had a thingy where we could get 25 extra Campbell's points...Jennifer Carr this are coming your way next week! Yippee!!!

I stocked up on meat! Oh yeah! I love meat deals!
Helps my budget later on when it's not so cheap! LOL - I picked up a whole chicken for $.59 a lb (regular $1.24) - love that! Gonna make stock and much more with this baby! I also got a roast with an ad match for $2.59 a lb (regular $3.98) - yeah!!! And it's a big one so I plan to get two meals out of this baby! I grabbed another tray of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $.98 a lb (regular $1.88). I have recipe for chicken pot pies I plan to try out with these! I also picked up chicken thighs for $.88 lb (regular $1.20). Ground beef was $1 a lb (regular $2.19) again so more burgers for the freezer!

I also did a lot in the produce dept - yeah! I got bananas for $.39 lb - (regular $.56!) I got another bag of mini carrots for $1 (regular $1.44) and a head of green leaf lettuce for $.59 - what a steal it's regularly $1.88!!! I picked up a bunch of asparagus for $1.88 (regular $2.78) - bacon wrapped asparagus here we come!!! YUM! I grabbed more pears for Red and I @ $79 lb (regular $.98 lb). Five pound bags of potatoes were $1 - not a bad deal since regular price is $3.47! I snagged two - more freezer potatoes coming up! I also picked up peaches ($.79 lb) and plums ($.77) to make more freezer jam....yummy! They were both a great deal - regular price is $1.25 lb! You know I think I figured it out...we are eating more veggies because I like them more because I get them for a better deal! LOL

The Nesquik deal just couldn't be beat - $1.50 for the BIG can! Yippee! Since it doesn't have milk in it this is great for Red's chocolate (almond) milk "coffee"! I grabbed four cans because it was just to good to pass up! Stock-Up!!!

Hubby called and reminded me we were out of chips - where did my stockpile go? LOL But I found a deal on Lay's for $2 - not bad I guess...I hate paying that much for snacks, but we love chips with our burgers and sandwiches. The Great Value brand is about $.02 cheaper and we like them, but they were all out. :( Although I did snag a bag of the Great Value ruffles - those are the best chips...better than the "real" ruffles!

Well that was my savings for the's was a good week of deals and smiles from a sweet cashier...Thank You God for the blessings for my family!

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