Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shopping trip at the Wal-Mart!

Well here's my goodies from last weekends shopping trip. As ya'll know it was tax-free weekend so I always take advantage of that $.08 savings and get underthings for everyone...No I didn't take a pic of our new underwear! LOL

But I did get a pic of my new tennys! My old ones were literally falling apart...it was quite sad. I had been waiting to grab a pair until back to school savings, so here they are! Are you excited for me? I ended up with black because all the white ones appeared smudged already and I figured if that was already the case, well I would do quite a number on them! LOL

I also picked up a few school supplies and now I see I forgot to get a pic of them. I got a crate for Red's workbox system stuff and hanging file folders. I also got a pack of 8 color dry erase markers for our "stick figuring through the bible" study this year.

I matched an ad for $.99 for french bread! More french toast sticks to come - yeah! What a deal too, I saved $.61 a loaf!!!

I ad matched ground beef for $1 a pound! I saved $5.38 each on these! Taco soup, sliders and sloppy joes are in the works!

Grabbed two more family packs of chicken breasts for $.99 a lb. This is a great deal and saved me $.89 a lb! I am working on freezer meals - chicken macaroni bake, chicken bacon subs, BBQ chicken sandwiches, popcorn chicken, chicken tortilla soup! Yum!!!

I matched an ad for T-bones - $3.99 lb - oh how happy my hubby is gonna be when I break these out! The savings are great too - $4.99 a lb!

Do you use chicken bouillon - oh I do! In just about everything - especially since I had to cut out the cow's milk! I grabbed these for $.98 with an ad match - that is a savings of $2 each! Woo-Hoo! I also matched salt for $.33 each - saved a penny! A penny saved is a penny earned, right!

Couldn't pass up the pears for $.79 a lb or the baby carrots for $.99!

Hubby's gonna have some cucumbers in his lunch this week! Ad match for 3 for $1! That saved me $.25 a cuc! Yeah!!!

Bananas were a terrific savings this week! $.29 a pound! Awesome! Red loves bananas! I am planning to make some more of those Fresh (From the Freezer) Muffins! Plus I saved $.29 a lb - half price!!!

Yum! Yum!!! Yum!!!!!!

Watermelons were a great deal at Sprouts for $1.88 so I matched the ad and grabbed 2! They are chilling in the fridge! Gonna cut them up and have some cool sweet watermelon! Yeah!

Okay that was my trip...very quick I have to say! Hope you enjoyed my sharing!

Until next time...be nice to your cashier, chat with the people behind you so they don't get annoyed and smile a lot!!!! ;)

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