Sunday, August 7, 2011

I haven't posted anything from my shopping last week. I didn't do much, but I did pick up a few school supply items and other items.

I dropped in at Office Depot and picked up 5 packs of glue sticks and 3 pencil sharpeners for $2.74! That was a great deal!

Target was another stop on my list. I stacked up some Tums coupons and got Tums for $0.02 - woo-hoo! ; I also used a $1/1 Target coupon and got sharpies for $.49! Yeah! I used a couple of Target coupons to get $0.75 off Allergy tabs...we never seem to have enough of those. I used $1/1 Revlon product Target coupons and picked up clippers for $0.57!

At Wal-Mart I did some ad matching for produce - I love ad matching produce - it saves me a ton!

I matched bananas and saved $.16 a pound! I also matched apples and save $.48 a pound. Lettuce was on sale for $.59 a head and garlic was my prize of the week - 8 lbs for $1 (compared to the normal $2.98 a pound!)

I also matched an ad for bread (b/c I forgot to get Hubby to stop at the bread store), but it was still a good deal at $.68 a loaf.

Well that's my shopping for the week - as I said - not much...

Until next time...we-

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