Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip to Staples & Wally-World

This first picture was my load from Staples! Woo-Hoo! I used my staples rewards that were going to expire later this month - paid $.30 for all this!

Got the boys a pencil box ($.25); pencil top erasers ($.01); post-it flags ($.25); Bic pens ($.01); Pink ribbon magnets and jumbo clips ($1 each); Flower dividers ($.50); Big paper clips ($.50); Avery white circle stickers - Woo-Hoo! Garage Sale tags ($.50); and the tape - score! They were $2 minus my $.50 coupon = $1.50 each! Yeah for Staples rewards!

Okay now on to my Wally-World trip! It was a good one, I had a great cashier who was friendly and kind and quick! I picked up two flyswatters (made $.03 on each with my $1/1 coupons!); used a $2.50/1 coupon on flea meds (Final Cost $2.62); Flea collars - free with coupon! Dove mens soap $1.97 for 6 bars with coupon! Mach 3 Razor blades $9.92 after coupon - whew those things are expensive. But it's all Hubby can use so I am glad I have a few coupons! Stockpile!!!

Free K.C. Masterpiece with coupon and ad match!

Jif - ad match for $1.99 - $.35 coupon = great deal on my favorite peanut butter!!!!

Sugar $.99 - stocked up on that as we are southerners around here and love our sweet tea! (Not to mention making Jam!)

The produce deals are abundant these days so I am trying to buy while it's cheap and put it up for later when it's not. I picked up several good deals in this trip and am excited to get them in the jars/freezer.

Plans are to make pickled jalapeno's and pineapple in very light syrup.

Saved $2.70 on my Jalapeno's with a 3lbs/$1 ad match! Save $1 each on my pineapples with an ad match!

More produce deals! Apples - got the 3 lb bags for $2.77 (it was cheaper than the $.99/lb ad). Saved $1.83 on peaches - I want to make some peach pie filling with these! Tomatoes were a steal at 3lbs/$1 - salsa making time - I saved a bundle on these - $5.74 with my ad! Potatoes were $1 for 10lbs - oh my goodness that is cheap - these will go in the freezer! Onions - wow did I save on these - $4.80 total savings with an ad match for 8lbs/$1! Saved $.17 on my bananas as well!

Eggs were $.99 for the 18 count - saved $.65!

Ruffles were $1.88 - that's $1.10 savings! Fritos and Cheetos were $1.69 so I saved $.81 per bag!

I also picked up some cornbread mix for the pantry - saved $.25 each bag with my ad!

I am very excited that Hubby has cut down on his soda drinking...he opts for a powerade after his morning workout - so finding a sale is always a plus! $.69 each (saved $.09!)

Okay so my totals were:

$36.90 saved with coupons &

$43.95 saved with ad match-ups!

I would say it's still worth it! :)

Until next time be kind to the poor soul who gets in line behind you...perhaps we should make signs for our buggy; smile A LOT ~ like until your face hurts; and pass along good words about the cashier to the CSM!

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