Friday, July 1, 2011

Coupon Chat Canning Play Date!

Oh how blessed our family is to have this great homeschool group ECCHO - what an important part of our lives they have become in such a short amount of time...God is SO good!

From that awesome group has been born a group Made Couponing Moms (a bunch of us moms who have been saving tons of money matching ads using our Q's) . LOL Well the coupon chat group met up at Kellie Watson's house for a day of canning and fun! What a day it was! We had an absolute blast working together and chatting and gabbing and canning! The kids had a ball playing together and having fun with friends! They played outside in the little pool/mud hole and then played inside for a while. They had a blast making memories with good friends.

We made so many good things! We worked for about 5 hours and put up 63 jars of goodies! WOW! What a blessing!

You can see in the various pictures everyone working hard and having fun in Kellie's kitchen. What a blessing this sweet woman is ~ so sweet to open her home to the 8 moms and 17 - yes I said 17 kids that showed up! LOL

Here you can see Kellie setting yet another time for something we had going. LOL - good thing she has the timer app on her IPhone - which gave us 30 times! LOL - so funny! But quite useful! I think by the end of the afternoon the beeping was getting to all of us. LOL

It was Julie Sillivan's birthday so sweet
Sarah brought a cookie cake to sha
re! The kids were quite excited about this and it was very Yummy! Happy Birthday Julie - it was great to chat with you!

Here you can see Tamra and Brenda with the ever present stirring...oh my goodness what a workout! LOL - I thought my arm was going to fall off before those crazy strawberries got to a boil! LOL

Sarah became our designated jar labeler since she had the "cute handwriting" (per Angela Perry). LOL

Angela and Kellie storing some of the leftover applesauce - we will be canning again so we decided to freeze it for later! Well now that I think of it Kellie is planning to make some apple pie filling with the leftover apples and Brenda is making plum jam with the plums so the leftover
applesauce will go into that.

Here's the group (minus a couple of friends - Julie and Marsha - that had already left)

Left to Right - Tamra, Kellie, Brenda, Sarah, Angela and Moi!

And here is our bounty!

Peach Jam with natural pectin!

Cowboy Candy (candied jalapenos) My hubby is very excited about these!

Diced peaches in medium syrup! (slobber)

Raspberry Jam made with natural pectin!

Strawberry jam made with natural pectin.

Jalapeno Jelly - whew what that a sinus clearing time in the kitchen! LOL

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by

Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19 (KJV)

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