Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wal-Mart Trip (Catch-Up)!

I shopped a few weeks back and didn't get the chance to sit and blog about it. LOL So here 'tis!

I shopped the Wal-Mart in Midlothian and boy oh boy do I just love that Wal-mart! The cashiers are friendly, the CSM's are helpful and the service is just good!

I had a young man check me out and I asked him before we began if he was okay with ad match-ups and coupons. He said, sure and his body language told me he really didn't mind. Whew, one hurdle crossed. LOL

I had a good size list and saved a ton!

My total ad match-up savings was $76.26 - woo-hoo! My total coupon savings was $73.36!

I matched an ad for store brand frozen veggies - I got six bags of frozen carrots for .69 each! I have lots in my freezer for soups and stews! Yeah!

Another ad match-up was tomato sauce 5 for $1.00 - love it! I got 20 cans! My pantry is stocked back up!

Oh one of our favorite cereals is Cheerios! Well I matched an ad for $1.50 a box! Woo-Hoo! That saved me $2.08 per box! Plus I used $1/2 coupons so I actually paid $1 a box! And I got 6 free books as well! Woo-Hoo!

One of the boys favorite snacks is apples dipped in caramel - I matched an ad for $1 per bottle and stocked us up! I saved $1.38 per bottle! I had one $1/2 coupon so I used that as well!

My Bug has decided he loves the Berry flavored Fuze drinks - I matched an ad for $.88 (saved me $.12 off the wm price) plus I used my $1/2 coupons and got each for $.38 each! Yeah!!!

Bugs other favorite snack is yogurts. And the "crush cup" is high on his list!!! I used $1 off one coupons and got them for $1/4.

Another ad match here - $1.79, which is $.49 savings!

I used a $.55 off coupon and got some yummy white chocolate mocha coffee creamer for $1.45.

I matched an ad for eggs - $.88 per dozen! Yippee! I saved $.76 per carton!

It was a good fresh produce week! I picked up a head of lettuce for $.79 - ($.55 savings); Baby Carrots for $1.00 ($.44 savings); Pears for $.99 a pound ($.28lb savings); and broccoli for $.99 ($.76 savings)!

I grabbed a bag of tortillas for $2.88 ($1.60 off the wm price!)

I also grabbed some more conditioner and a couple of shampoos for $.75 each. I saved $.19 per bottle.

I matched an ad for Ronzoni pasta - $.79 each, plus I used my $1/2 coupons so they ended up being $.29 each! Yeah! My ad match-up saved me $.71 off the smart taste and $.53 off the Healthy Harvest!

I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips using a $.75 coupon and paid $3.04.

I ad matched Red Diamond tea for $1.50, plus I had a $.55 coupon!

The Betty Crocker cake mixes were on sale for $.89, I bought icing too and used a $.75/both coupon.

The Hamburger Helper was on sale for $1.00 and I used a $1.00/3 coupon!

It was a good week for meat sales, so I did some stocking up!!! I picked up pork chops for $.98 lb - $1.77 lb off! What a steal! I also got Ribeye steaks (for Hubby's fathers day!) for $4.99 lb - which saved me $2.49 per lb! Yeah! I got chicken breasts for $1.18 lb (I saved $3.48 on the package!) I also got a package of chicken thighs for $.99 lb - saved $1.19 lb! I grabbed 2 rolls of ground beef for $5 each which was $4.98 off!!!

Here you see some of my "freebies"! I got free Carefree, free pert plus, free always lines and degree for $.22, always pad for $.97 and Noxema razors for $.67!

More FREE Floss! Woo-Hoo!

Got some overage with my coupons too!

Oh here was a good surprise I found on the shelf! I needed some chicken bouillon and found a $1 off coupon on the container when I got there - yeah!

I matched an ad for Pepsi 2-liters for $.79 each ($.46 off each one!!!), so I grabbed a eight!!!
Well that was my trip - successful and encouraging! Yeah! As always remember be nice to your cashier, share your extra Q's and stockpile your necessities!

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