Monday, May 30, 2011

I totally heart the Mart in Midlothian!!!!

Yesterday I did my Wal-Mart shopping and I decided to head over to Midlothian. I had a pretty big list and the boys with me all the same time. I tried to make it good and fun though. We stopped a couple of times on the way to do some fun stuff, and we even ran through McDonald's for a free (woo-hoo!) strawberry lemonade. Yum-o! Bug was very helpful during the trip and helped me push a basket and get things off the shelves. I have to reiterate it was a great trip.

I matched 11 ads and used a ton of coupons. I actually ended up doing three transactions and it went beautifully!

I figured out last night as I went over my receipt that I had come home and put everything away and not taken a single picture, so sorry for the pictureless post.

Okay, here goes: Ad match-ups first!

I matched an ad for bananas and saved $.18 - I got them for $.39 a pound! I also got my hubby some more Fuze drinks with an ad match for $.99 each. Then I used a one dollar off 2 coupon - so my final price was .49 cents each. I matched an ad for Kikkoman soy sauce for a $1.59 then used my $. 55 off coupon so they were a $1.04 each. I matched an ad for butter and saved $.50 on each tub. I picked at some Oscar Mayer ham for $1.78 which saved me $.72 each. I grabbed a head of iceberg lettuce for $.69 (Awesome!) and a head of leaf lettuce or $.88! While we were in the store, they had a sample out of Jalepeno flavored kettle chips, and Bug LOVED them. So I matched an ad for the Lay's brand kettle chips, jalapeno flavor, and saved $.88 on each bag! My hubby was very excited about this purchase. I grabbed a couple of bags of regular Lay's as well using the Super One ad (Thanks Kellie!) and saved $.53 on each bag. I also got the Dan-a-nino yogurts for $.30 off the Wal-Mart price and then used a dollar off coupon so they ended up being $.67 per pack. I picked up four Ocean Spray cranberry juices, the 64 ounce bottle, using an ad match from fiesta for $1.99 and then used a $.50 off coupon. That's just rocks! I snagged 10 boxes of Capri Sun drinks for one dollar each - can't beat that! I grabbed a bag of sugar for $1.68, which saved me $.57 off the Wal-Mart price. I also stocked up on best maid hamburger dills for one dollar each.

Now here is my coupon deals:

I picked up one more Similac to donate to WRC and made $1.16. I picked up another free polygrip for dad and three trial size pert plus shampoos for free plus I made nine cents. I also got three packages of noxema razors for $.67 each. I got two free five count Zyrtec and a free tub of Cottonelle wipes. I also picked up 11 three bar packs of ivory soap, I made $.33 on these. I got 46 packages of carefree panty liners. My hubby decided we needed a whole other house for the feminine products - I laughed and told him at least the only girl in the family wasn't costing him a fortune for my girl stuff! LOL I also picked up seven packages of floss and made$2.34 on these.

Well that's about it, I have to say it's not nearly as exciting without the pictures. Sorry about that, I promise to remember to take pictures for the next post.

Overall my total was $85.23 - and that I found was due to having to get some flea medicine for Lady as well as a flea collar and some foggers for under the house. We also had a couple of other items that I couldn't not buy, so that ran it up as well. I saved $111.69 with coupons, and $39.15 with ad match-ups. I also had overages of $4.02 - so that's great!

Until next time remember check your receipt, be nice to your cashier, and spend the extra gas and drive to Midlothian!

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