Friday, May 6, 2011

Wally Redeems Waxahachie Wal-Mart! :)

I went in to volunteer at Wedgeworth today and afterwards I had to pick up my prescription refill. Hubby had dropped it off earlier for me so I thought all I had to do was go in and pick it up. Well that was wrong...after standing in line for 15 minutes I get up there and the girl tells me I have no insurance on file. WHAT? How many times have I filled scripts at Wal-Mart? Really people? UGH! So I am standing there another 15 minutes, waiting for them to enter my insurance info. While standing there I debated back and forth with myself if I even wanted to attempt to shop at this store. If you don't remember this is the store I gave up shopping at because the people were just so rude to me about using coupons. But I decided that it was at least worth checking to see if some of the products were in stock since I have had trouble finding them elsewhere, and we needed milk and I didn't want to make another stop.

I have to say that in the end it was TOTALLY worth it!!!

Here in this picture you see what I paid $3.23 for!

I found Nivea body wash in stock! Finally! ;) Eleven bottles of body wash = FREE! (using $3/1 coupons)

I also got 6 trial size women's degree .97 cents with a $1/1 coupon = .03 overage toward my bill!

I grabbed 7 more flosses for the soldier boxes .88 cents each - using the $1/1 and $2.50/2 coupons they were all FREE plus I got $1.84 toward my bill!

Hubby uses the Nivea face balm - it's $5.54 a bottle but I used two $2/1 coupons so each one was $3.54.

I picked up milk for $2.59 - which is $1 more than I usually pay but that's what I get for forgetting to remind my Hubby to pick milk up at Aldi's.

Oh I forgot to put the formula in the picture (I left it in the car so I can drop it at the food pantry tomorrow.) I grabbed 4 bottles of Similac for $3.84 each and used a $5/1 coupon so I had $1.16 overage on each one! Woo-Hoo!

So after it was all said and done I paid just $3.23 for all of it! Yeah! And the best part was I went to Wally an older gentleman cashier and he was so sweet and just the nicest cashier! Wally redeemed the Wal-Mart for me! Yeah!

Until next time - share a coupon with the ladies behind you (while they wait), be nice to your cashier and check those receipts!!!

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