Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Great Wal-Mart Round-Up and Walgreens

I am titling this one The Great Wal-Mart Round-Up because that is basically I did at wal-mart! LOL - I had some coupons that were expiring later this week so I thought I would head over to wal-mart while Bug was at RA's and see if I could find the products in stock. Well sure enough I did! And I have to admit that I am warming up to the Waxahachie wal-mart again. I got a very nice cashier named Amanda that was just as sweet and helpful as she could be!

Here is what I got:

1 Similac $3.84 minus a $5 coupon = $1.16 overage (I have been donating these to the WRC in Waxahachie)

4 trial size women's degree deodorant .97 minus $1 coupon = .03 overage or .12 overage total

1 trial size Secret clinical strength deodorant $2.47 minus $3 coupon = .53 overage

1 trial size Head and Shoulders shampoo .97 minus $2 coupon = $1.03 overage

1 Always liner .93 minus $1 coupon = .07 overage

20 Kotex liners $1.24 minus $1 coupon = $4.80 total

6 Nivea women's body wash $3 minus $3 coupon = FREE

6 Nivea men's body wash $3 minus $3 coupon = FREE

1 Reach floss .88 minus $1 coupon = .12 overage (these I donate to the soldier boxes at church)

10 Reach floss .88 minus $2.50/2 coupon = .74 overage each or $3.70 total

2 two packs black expo markers $2 minus $2 coupon = FREE

48 cans great value tomato sauce (ad match) 8/$1 = $6.00

11 jars Ragu pasta sauce (Thanks Angela Perry for the reminder) (ad match) .99 minus .50 coupon = .49 each or $5.39 total

So in the end I paid $8.58 for 111 items. Woo-Hoo! I call it a worthwhile trip!

Last Saturday while in town with my family we stopped at Walgreens. I had three register rewards that expired Sunday and didn't want to lose them! No Way!

So I found Taster's Choice coffee sticks for $2/2 - I had printed 2 B1G1F coupons as well as two .65/1 coupons plus I had another $1/1 coupon that I received via snail mail with a free sample! So I got 7 boxes of coffee and one roll of tape (on sale for .39) for

drumroll please.... .09 cents! Woo-Hoo! I was able to use one of my RR ($3 each) so I got a great deal!

On Sunday I convinced the boys and Daddy to stop at Walgreens after church - my big plan was to get some free body wash and use my other two RR on some other things. Well pooh on that - someone had already cleaned them out by noon! ugh!

But I was able to score some good deals!

I grabbed two toothbrushes on sale for $3 - buy 2 get $4 RR plus I had two .75 off coupons. So I paid .25 for each one! I also picked up three boxes of Nexcare band-aids on sale for $2.99 plus there is a mail in rebate on the boxes and it allows you to get a free box of each kind! Score! I needed two filler items so I could use both of my $3 RR since I had coupons for every item, so I grabbed two bags of .49 cent PB cups. I paid $6.80 and saved $12.63 - not to mention the $11.97 I will receive as a rebate!

Next transaction - I had two more .55/1 Nexcare coupons so I grabbed two more boxes -
Along with my .55 cent off coupons I used the $4 RR I got from the toothbrushes. In order to do this I had to have a filler item to I grabbed another .49 cent PB cups! The order came to $1.37 and I saved $6.60. (Plus I will send in for another rebate.)

Well that was my shopping for this week. It's the end of the pay period so unless we are really out of something or the deal is just that good I try not to shop too much.

Until next time remember CHECK THOSE RECEIPTS, smile at the cashier and pass out coupons to the mondo line behind you!

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