Monday, May 2, 2011

Wal-Mart Savings of the Week!

Well I am late getting the deals up for all to see - sorry about that! I don't know what was wrong with me over the past week or so - it seems that I was either fighting a headache or just so tired. Last Saturday we went out as a family to run some errands and get some shopping done. It was a good trip filled with lots of good deals. I am happy to say we are stocked up on some items we use a lot after this last weekend. I am hoping that I don't have to shop much over the next few weeks.

I did several match-ups from the Dallas stores to Wal-mart for the best price.

I picked up Fritos for $1.75 - which saved me .75 per bag off the wm price! I love Frito don't you. I see some Frito pies in the near future!

Eckrich sausage was another good price match - I matched an ad for $1.79 and used a .55/1 coupon - so final price was $1.24 each.

We love to grill these or pan fry them and wrap them in a tortilla - yum-o!

I got a fantabulous deal on Suave Professionals (regularly $1.97 at wm) I matched an ad for .98 and then used a .50/1 coupon and snagged each one for .48 cents! Woo-Hoo!

These are a few freebies I picked up. I used two Cascade coupons (from the P&G brand saver I got in the mail) for $1/any 1 - the 3 pack trial size is .97 cents - so free plus .03 cents overage!

I also got 5 more free degrees for the soldier boxes we will pack this month (.03 cents overage here too) and free floss (plus .12 cents overage).

Free dishwashing soap is ALWAYS a good find - .03 overage for each one is even better! $1.00 - .97 wm price = .03 cents for me!

Ken's dressing is regularly $1.42 for the 8 oz size, I had several $1/1 coupons that were about to expire so I used them up to get us some more Italian dressing. Italian is about all we eat these days since Red can't have Ranch anymore. I found this one that has Asiago and Garlic...I am not sure he will be able to have it, but it sure sounds yummy! (I have learned that if the milk product is very low on the ingredients list it often will not bother him.

I also picked up some Similac to donate to a local women's center - it was free plus I got $1.16 for my basket.

I matched an ad for tomato sauce and got 5/.98 cents.

I also matched an ad and got green beans and corn for .25 cent a can!

I matched an ad for Kool-aid - 10/$1.00 plus with my coupons I got 30 packages for .50 cents!

My hubby loves these drinks and I found an ad for .89 cents - combined with a $1/2 coupon = .39 cents each! Yeah!

Albertson's had bags on for .88 cents this week - a good deal on it's own, but combined with a $1/2 coupon it was an even sweeter deal at .38 cents each! And most of the boxes have a .15 cent coupon stuck to them so yeah - even better!

Sugar was on sale at a few different stores...I matched an ad for imperial for $1.98 - with my .50/1 coupon it was $1.48 - yeah!

Then I got two great value sugars for $1.50 and another for .99 using ad match-ups.

WM changed their policy (again) and now they are honoring the limits printed in the ad - thus the weird match-up.

Okay I think I have it covered for Wal-Mart - it was a good trip. No, I just figured out when looking back over my receipt that I don't have a few items pictured - oh well, I am going to get this before I must start dinner! LOL Anyway here is the run-down - I saved $81.05 in ad match-ups and $107.40 with coupons! I count is as a good one...thank goodness for Daddy who was willing to shop on a Saturday and help out with the kiddos! Love you babe!

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  1. Hey,

    I had an ad in my mail yesterday for a grocery store called Super Providencia Community Market. The main store is located in McKinney but, the ad says,"Coming soon to Waxahachie". Anyway, they have 32 ounce Gatorade bottles for .88 ea, 16.3 oz Peter Pan peanut butter for $1.50, 15.5 oz Hunt's Manwich for .99, etc. Not sure of the current coupons, but wanted to let y'all know.