Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Big Wal-Mart Trip

Well I am just getting around to updating the blog from my latest Wal-Mart Shopping. I did a "big" trip before 4th of July weekend. I got out of the store feeling like my savings were not as significant as they should have been, but then realized that I had purchased a few necessities that we needed that we were not part of our "norm". I matched ads and saved $42.06 as well as $57.44 with my coupons. (I even had $1.01 in overage - which I always love to see!).

I was excited to see that the Midlothian store had a "rollback" on their Kerr canning jars! They had been more expensive than the Waxahachie store, but I was delighted to see that they rolled them back to $6.97 with my coupon I paid $6.22 for a dozen pint jars. Yeah!

I also matched an ad for cucumbers. 8/$1 - what a deal - Hubby's been wanting me to make some bread and butter pickles, so yippee here they be! I saved $.31 each on my cukes!

Jalepeno's were another add match. I am fairly confident in my pickled jalepeno making these days and as much as my hubby LOVES them - I figured I would make another batch! I saved $2.33 on my 4 1/2 pounds. Can't beat $.25 a pound!

TP was also on the list - I matched an ad for 6 double rolls for $2.99 - the regular wm prices was $3.88. Not a bad deal!

Plums - yummy - planned to make some freezer jam out of these beauties. Picked them up with an ad match for $.88/lb and saved $3.62 on them!

Tortilla chips - a staple around here - I matched an ad for $2.48 and then used a coupon for $.75/1. WOW! Love the savings!

Broccoli - yum! Can't wait to steam this up with some cheese! Matched an add for $.99 a pound which saved me $.49/lb!

Oh my favorite EVER candy - Haribo gummy bears. Matched an ad for $.88 and got four! Better hide these! LOL

Apples - a staple around here - can't wait until our trees produce! Snagged these for $.67/lb - loved it! Stocked us up for a few weeks!

Hubby's been drinking powerade after his morning workout so I was excited to match an ad for $.69 - saved $.19 per bottle!

Dial body wash, Carefree, Floss. Plus I used several coupons for aspirin (and a rebate so it will be free); $.50 baby wipes, $.38 benadryl itch sticks; $.27 zyrtec, $.97 John Frieda; $2.62 flea drops for Lady and saved $1 on batteries for Hubby's workout machine.

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