Saturday, August 13, 2011

A quick trip to Wal-Mart and a good find at Lakeshore!

Last week was a light shopping week again - just went to pick up a few good sale items and a couple of necessities. The boys and I were in Dallas for eye/hearing checks so we went by Lakeshore Learning store to do some laminating - I picked up two packages of construction paper (pink and red) for $.29 - WOW! Can't beat that deal!
The tags said they were on clearance because they were faded - but I couldn't tell!

Wal-mart was our grocery stop this week. For Bug's work box system I am using a file crate and hanging folders so he got to pick out his own crate - blue of course. LOL His fav color!
Pineapples were on sale for $.99 this week so I matched the ad at Wal-Mart and got
10 - we are canning these babies....when winter comes and produce is $$$ we will
have yummy sweet pineapple in the pantry! Yeah!
Ramen were on sale at Save-a-lot for $1.79 which saves $.19 a box ! I know some of you are saying - what Ramen Noodles - gross, bad for you, disgusting! Well let me just tell you I personally have a love for Ramen...I suppose it started back when I was a kid and my Aunt Bean would make them for me and my cousin Kisha - she put them in wooden bowls and drained all the juice and cooked them just so - that way they were not mushy. Oh the love affair began so long ago and still today I just get a craving for a good bowl of Ramen....sigh. I miss you Aunt Jean in the red house with the wooden bowls and the beautiful smile...
French bread...oh, need I say more. Who else just wants to sit with the whole loaf in the back of the closet where no one can see you? Just kidding...I don't do that. But I won't say that I have dreamed about it. I love love love french bread! (Just in case you didn't get that before - haha!) There are plans for french toast in the works with this yummy stuff...not to mention sandwiches, garlic bread...and hey just plain eating!!!!
Good deals on stuff for the salsa Hubby and I made last night! Jalapenos were on sale for 2lbs for $.98 @ Wrights - that's a savings of $.39 a pound! Yeah! Onions were 6 lbs for $1 - the regular price at wm is $1.28/lb! WoW! Cilantro was also an ad match - $.25 @ Malones - it's $.48 @ wm! Cantaloupes were an ad match as well - I had an ad for $.99, but the gal at wm told me there was an ad out for $.89 - so she gave it to me for that price - score! I wish I had gotten more of them - I wasn't sure when I bought it. The cantaloupe selection didn't look that hot - and the rind on this one was really thick, but let me tell you the meat of the melon was about as sweet as I have ever tasted - it was quite delish!
Maters - Roma this week - 3 lbs for $1.00 - what a steal - (regular price at wm is $1.38/lb)! Woo-Hoo! Hubby and I had plans for salsa making so I picked up 15 pounds of maters!
Other good deals - pineapple - already mentioned them above. Mushrooms - ad match for $1.50 (saved $.28 each - thank you Tom Thumb!). We love to saute them so I grabbed two! Cherries - ad match for $2.49 lb - I can't wait to dry these babies - I am determined to make some granola bars and not eat them all! LOL

Oh I just noticed that I didn't get a pic of the Gatorade. Tom Thumb had the 32 oz on sale for $.49 when you buy ten. Well I covered my bases and picked up 50 - what a great deal - these are normal price $1 at wm. Hubby drinks these after his morning work out so I try to keep them on hand. Thank you Tom Thumb!!!

Well that was my trip last week. Short and sweet and filled with good deals! Until next time use your coupons, be nice to your cashier and smile a lot!

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