Friday, August 19, 2011

Wally-World Trip! ;)

I have noticed a slowing trend in the sales over the past few weeks...I am not using as many coupons as I was before. But this could be partly because I am stocked up on many items? I have been matching a lot of produce ads though so that is making for some good canning days!

I picked up some chicken breasts with an ad match for $1 a pound which saved me $.88 a pound. Love it! I am planning to make some home made chicken nuggets with these! Yum!
Hubby has been loving the chips and salsa in his lunches so I matched an ad for $2.99 and got a couple of big bags of tortilla chis. I saved $.09 a bag on these!
Bananas were on sale 3 lbs for $1.00 - Red loves bananas so I was excited to make the ad match-up! I saved $.16 a pound! I need to get Kellie's muffin recipe and make some banana nut muffins for the freezer!
Produce, Produce, Produce - I love the sales! Strawberries were on sale for $1.15 a lb - yeah! I love strawberries and so does Red so we are going to enjoy these! I picked up leaf lettuce for $.88 - saved $1 with my ad! I also picked up a head of lettuce for $.79 - I saved $.35! I matched an ad for baby carrots - $.99 which saved me $.79. I also matched oranges 8 for $1 - regular price was $.48 each!!! I am planning to make some orange monkey bread!!! Pears were on sale for $.88 a pound - a good deal (regular price is $1.17 a pound!)
I matched an ad on sugar for $1 a bag! Always a great deal -saved $1.25 a bag!
Used a coupon and snagged Hubby a FREE yogurt for his lunch! Yipee!
I matched an ad for Hamburger Helper - $.99 a box which saved me $.51 each. Plus I used a coupon for $.80 off 4! So actually they are $.79 a box. The really cool part is that is was a swagbucks printable coupon so I will earn 10 swagbucks for using it! Woo-hoo!
Well that was the shopping this week...not real exciting I guess, but yummy I must say! LOL

Until next at your neighbor in line...greet your cashier with a friendly hello and brag to the CSM about how good your shopping trip was!

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