Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ad Match-up List for My Upcoming Wal-Mart Trip

Okay Couponers and Ad Matchers! LOL - Well the days of picking up the ads are over it does seem. The websites will have to do these days as some have again ruined it for all. But not to fear! I think it can be done and if you really feel that you need to take the ad in - you can print it from the website. So look to the future when I will have a compile list of stores/websites for you to visit.
For now though I am going to share my "finds" from this last weeks ads. I haven't gone through kroger, tom thumb and albertsons yet so I will share those later.

Fiesta has 2lb bags of store brand pinto beans for $.99 - I am going to see if wm carries a 2 lb bag to match too, I am pretty sure they do.

Fiesta also has VO5 shampoo and conditioner on sale for $.77.

Fiesta has the SB 50 ct ibuprofen on sale for $1.98 - I am going to check out this at wm and see if it saves any. Hubby wants me to start adding more "pharmaceutical" type items to my stockpiling goods.

La Michocana has bananas on sale this week for 3lbs for $.99 - love this deal! Yum!

El Rancho has Kleenex Cottonelle 12 dbl rolls for $4.98 - does anyone know if there are coupons out right now?

Produce at El Rancho - Avocados 5/$1 (sweet!); Cantaloupe $.78; White onions 8/$1 (WOW!) and cucumbers 3/$.99.

El Rancho also has Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for $1lb and Boneless pork stew meat is $1.19 - I will check on this one - most of WM's pork is prepack from a brand like Tyson or Hormel - every now and then though I have seen pork in store packaging which they will match.

El Rancho has the 18 ct eggs for $.98 - yippee!

El Rancho also has Fabuloso 28oz cleaner fro $.99 - I think there may be a coupon for this size if I recall correctly - I will have to check!

El Rod's has Angel Soft 12 dbl or 24 reg. for $4.88 - I am going to check for coupons!

Minyards has 16 oz rubbing alcohol on for $.50 - I am not sure of the regular price at WM so I will check on this deal. They also have 2 count GUM toothbrushes for $1 and 300 count SB cotton swabs are on for $1.39 - again gonna check these out.

El Rio Grande has 5lbs of Russet potatoes for $.99 - a great deal! And Butterball Turkey Bacon 6 oz for $1 - my favorite for the asparagus wraps hubby is famous for! ;)

Save a lot has 3 lbs of Gala Apples for $2.49.

Malone's has Del Monte corn and green beans for $.50 a can - a great deal on the brand name and an $.18 savings off the WM brand! They also have iceburg lettuce for $.59.

Well that is my list this week. I will be shopping on Tuesday, so I hope to update the blog with actual purchases and info after that!

Remember to be kind to your cashier, pass along your savings ideas to others and smile A LOT!

Until next time...wendy

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