Monday, October 10, 2011

Catchin' Up on the Wal-Mart Trips!!!

This post includes a couple of trips to Wal-Mart and a few pick-ups at Target. Sorry I haven't been keeping up lately - it's been busy!

I picked up a couple of bottles of Lysol Wipes for $2.48 (both) and I have a rebate to send in so actually they will be free! Woo-Hoo! I love free!

Del Monte green beans - I used an ad match on these - $.49 each plus a $2 off 10 cans coupon - love that deal! This is less than 1/2 price - awesome!

I picked up 2lb bags of pinto beans for $.99 - this is a great deal! Regular price is $2.28 each! Stockpile!

You all probably know of my LoVe of Haribo gummy bears...well I matched an ad for $.88 and used a $.30/1 coupon - what a sweet deal!!!

I did some more stockpiling as well. Rice-a-roni was on sale for $.75 (regular $1.24!!!) and I used a couple of my coupons (that I cut from other boxes) to get 4 free pasta roni's! Yippee!

I matched Fritos and Cheetos for $1.49 (regular $2.50) and DP 2-liters for $.79 (regular $1.25).

I also matched Cookie Crisp for $1.99 (regular $2.58) and used a coupon for $1/3 - my kids were so excited. They keep asking for this cereal and my answer has been No! LOL

Added to my TP stockpile - $4.88 - that's $1.59 off the regular wm price, plus I had a $.50 coupon!

I also matched shave cream - saved $.10 each and alcohol - saved $.44 each!

The febreeze warmers were free with my coupon - actually I made $.12!

Got quite a bit of produce! Lettuce was $.59 (regular $1.14) and 5 lb bags of taters were on for $.99 - that's a savings of $1.78!

I matched an ad for avocados for $.20 each (regular $.88)! I also matched white onions at 8lbs for $1 - regular $1.18 a pound! Cucumbers were 3 for $.99 - regular $.58 each!

I also got bananas for $.33 lb (regular $.56) and applies for $.88 (regular $1.57)!

Here is some coupon savings - picked up 3 packs of cascade and aquafresh for FREE with my $1/1 coupon (actually made $.03 on each one).

I used some $.50 off Dawn and $1/2 Bic Pens as well. I got some $.22 Oral B floss with coupons and save $2 on Expo Markers.

I saved $43.40 in coupons and a ton in ad match-ups!

Okay now on to last week - I did some shopping for us and I also picked up some items for Mom. Unfortunately she doesn't have a Super wm very close - she actually lives in a town with the worlds tiniest wm and just a few high priced grocery stores. So I am trying to help her stockpile some non-perishables.

They only eat Del Monte green beans so I matched at ad for $.59 and got them a dozen cans, plus 6 corn - that's a $.39 savings per can! (Well that's the saving at my wal-mart - I think their store is more like $1.49 a can - so you can see the savings!!!)

Another Mom Stockpiling item - Dad loves Viva paper towels - so a sale is always a good thing! I matched an ad for $5.99 which saved $2.98 a pack!

Another favorite of Mom and Dad - Folgers Coffee - I matched an ad for $6.99 (saving $3.49 each!).

I picked up Bengay for $.98 using a $5 off coupon.

I also matched a soda ad for $.75 and saved $.09 each.

Grabbed Daddy some more powerades using an ad match for $.59 - saved $.19 each!

Rice-a-roni was on for $.75 again so I grabbed 4 chicken for us and 5 beef for Mom - notice I got some more coupons for free pasta roni - love it!!!

I matched an ad for vinegar - $1.99 - saved $.39 on this one. Got one for Mom too!

C&H sugar was on sale for $1.99 plus I used a coupon for $.65/1 - what a deal!!!

Don't you love a yogurt deal! I matched an ad for $.50 - then I used a $1/10 coupon - so they were actually $.40 each! Yippee!

Daddy is gonna make some more asparagus/bacon wraps - Yum-O! I grabbed three bunches and saved $.99lb each with my ad match!

I also got more bananas at $.33lb (regular $.56lb).

I had a couple more Aquafresh coupons - free toothpaste plus $.03 each toward my cart!

Bandaids were an ad match for $1 each - awesome got Mom some of those too!

I also had two more Reach floss coupons - $2.50/2 and $1/1 so that means free floss plus $1.86 towards my cart! Love that deal!

Bug and Red love Crunchy Nut - I matched an ad for $2.49 (regular $2.98) and used a $1/2 coupon.

There is my free Pasta Roni!

Grabbed a Planters crunchy PB for $.99 (regular $1.98) and Fritos for $1.49 (regular $2.50).

I grabbed some Dove for Mom - $6 each - saved $.88 a pack.

There is Mom's band-aids - she got Safari one's - Fancy!!!

Grabbed some more Gala apples for $.88 a pound (regular $1.57).

I was out of kitchen trash bags - boo! But I found a coupon for Ruffles so I at least saved $.50 on them!

Surprisingly it made the nice smelling one cheaper than the regular white ones...fancy!!!

On our way home from the zoo last Thursday we stopped at Super Target in Mansfield.

I found 2 eggshell bed pads for $4.98! Woo-Hoo! I have been using an extra blanket as a pad on the boys bed - this is a great find! But it means I have to make the beds again, after I just changed their sheets the day before. LOL

I also grabbed a plastic shower curtain for $2.12 - I love these. The shower curtain in our bathroom is not fancy - usually just a liner, I tend to change them out often. So when I can find something pretty and cheap - well even better!

Okay well that was my savings from last week so - whew - I am caught up! LOL

Until next time, be kind to your cashier, smile a lot and pass along your extra coupons! :)

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