Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wally World Shopping

Hey all - I just remembered that I forgot to post about my deals from last week! Oops! But I did post my list prior to shopping! I pretty much stuck to it. There were a few things I was unable to find, but for the most part I racked up the savings! Woo-Hoo!

This week I didn't shop much because I am trying to get us on an every-other-week schedule. But I noticed that Tom Thumb had 64 oz almond breeze on sale for $2.49 - a great deal by itself, but matched with a $.55 off coupon - well that makes it even better! So I ran by wal-mart to grab a couple of random items and some almond milk. I was disappointed to only find 2! But I did get those - I asked a dept. manager and he checked his little computer gun thingy and it said that's all they had in stock and he wasn't sure when they'd have more. I am a little worried that they are going to not carry it. Poo on that! They had a huge case of Silk and only one line of Almond Breeze so I fear that is the case. We switch between the two so it's not really a huge concern as far as brand, but I usually buy what I can match a coupon to an ad for so that is a concern. Oh well, I will keep looking!

This week is ad week, so I will try to post a pre-shopping trip list and get my shopping trip up quickly! ;) We'll see how that works out. LOL

Until next time, clip clip clip your coupons, smile at your cashier and love you some savings!!!!

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