Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A great shopping day at Walgreens & CVS

The boys and I stopped in to grab a few good deals at Walgreens and CVS this afternoon. It was a great shopping day and the dreary weather didn't discourage the cashiers or the manager on duty! Woo-Hoo! I have to say that if dreary weather is what puts them in good moods then hey - gray days come on! That is sad, but I am often disappointed with the non-friendly store personnel at the Wax. stores.

Our first stop was Walgreens. Walgreens has a great deal on Scotch Magic tape this week: (using an in-ad coupon) buy 1 @ 1.99 get two free - well I printed two $1/1 coupons so it was actually three for free! Plus I had a $1/3 coupon in my binder from a package of paper I bought years ago - so I got another 3 for .99 cents. I did this in three transactions. I also picked up Dawn for .74 cents. It's on sale for .99 cents and I used a .25 cent coupon. :) I even found a new scent - smells great! I also picked up a new headband for FREE! ($3 with a $3rr)

The always liners were on sale for 2/$6 with a $4 rr if you buy 2. Well I had some .50/1 coupons so I thought - what a great deal! Well I did my first transaction and the rr didn't print. Poo! The cashier was baffled and wondered if it's because I was using a coupon - so she called up the manager. The manager rang two boxes (without coupons) just to "test" the machine and poop - no rr! What's up with this! So after it was all said and done and she tried several scenarios without luck - she ended up doing and "exchange" for the two I had bought at $3 each and giving me four boxes at $1 each - that way I still got the rr. I wasn't able to use my other two coupons because I actually got cash back on the exchange - but I won't complain! LOL - I got 4 boxes for .83 cents! It was crazy and confusing when it first took place, but after sitting and pouring over my receipts in the car for five minutes I figured out what she had done. LOL The cashier was so sweet and very kind and the manager was too! :)

CVS was our second stop. The boys enjoyed browsing the Easter goodie aisle while we were there and picked out a goodie for Daddy. I also picked up a few goodies, but didn't picture any of those for obvious reasons! LOL

I picked up shave gel for Hubby for $3.29 - .55 mc and $2.30 EB = .44 cents! Yeah! I also grabbed Colgate for $1 - .75 mc = .25 cents each! Woo-Hoo! I saved an extra .25 cents using my 25% coupon and also used 2.99 EB so I paid - $2.43 for two toothpaste, two shave gel and 5 easter goodies! Yippee!

Well that was my shopping finds for always be kind to your cashiers, leave an extra coupon on the shelf for the next consumer and Check Those Receipts!

Happy Easter Shopping!


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