Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kroger, Albertson's & Wal-Mart

I noticed after I started uploading my photos that I had done it backwards. Oops! :) You will see Wal-mart first, but it was actually my last stop. LOL - oh well!

When I started unloading groceries and deals I noticed most of my stuff went either right to the stockpile or out to the extra fridge/freezer - so I didn't necessarily put it all in the pictures.

Here are my wal-mart deals.

I got more free cat food using the Purina One Beyond coupons. I also got free degree deodorants +.03 cents money maker on each. I also picked up 2 packs of Colgate Wisps for .47 cents using a $1/1 manufacturer's coupon.

I printed a couple of $1/1 Toaster Strudel coupons from coupons.com (awesome) so the Toaster studel's were .98 cents each. I also used $1/1 manufacturer's coupons and picked up six pouches of Uncle Ben's for .50 cents each. I also picked up 2 string cheese - Free + .07 cents money maker on each! :) I used .75 cents/2 Starkist pouches - so they were .40 cents each. I got ketchup for .99 cents a bottle using an ad from Minyard.

We were out of yogurt again so I was excited to see an ad at Minyard for .50 cents each. I used my "Free Cup" coupon I got in the mail to get one free plus I used two .40 cents/6 cups. So I actually saved 10 cents a cup and paid .40 cents each in the end. Plus I got ALL thick and creamy - the best of all! Yum-O! Cherry Cobbler is so awesome! :)

The grapes and apples were more ad matching deals. I matched another Minyard ad for .79 cent a pound. That's .35 cents savings per pound!

The grapes were an ad match from Save-a-lot - .99 cents a pound which was a savings of .87 cents a pound - Yeah!

More ad matches here. Bluebonnet tubs were on sale for $2.19 at El Rancho so I grabbed two for the freezer. Imperial sticks were on sale at Save-a-lot for .50 cents each so I stocked up for cookie baking! El Rod's had Jimmy Dean sausage and Bar S bacon on sale for $2.18 - I used a $1.50/2 Jimmy Dean coupon and got a great deal at $1.43 a roll - that is less than 1/2 the regular wal-mart price! Woo-Hoo! I used a $5.00 off any Bar S product coupon, so I paid .51 cents a pack for the bacon. (I got this coupon in the mail from the company - sign up on their website!)

I matched an ad at Minyard on coffee - $2.50 each minus printable coupons from coupons.com - $2/1, and three $1/1. So for 4 canisters I paid $5 or $1.25 each. Not bad!

Okay on to Albertsons. They have had the best apples the past few weeks - we've been buying the Fugi apples, but this week the Fugi's didn't look as great as the Pink Ladies. I am hoping they taste as good! We go through a lot of apples around here. It's one of the few fruit's Bug will eat - so I always try to keep them on hand! .99 cents a pound - yummy deal!

Albertson's is doing a Mega sale this week (Buy 10 of a certain product get $5 off at the register). The catch is you can only do one of these deals at a time. So we ended up doing 2 transactions, but that's not anything new - we usually end up doing more than one in at least one store. We picked up Dial 3 packs in the mega sale - $1.29 each B10G$5O = .99 each - .35 cent manufacturer's coupons (4 of these tripled) = final price .36 cents a 3 pack or .12 cents a bar. Awesome!

K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce was another Mega sale deal so we did this one in a separate transaction - B10G$5O - they end up being .79 cents each - plus I used .50 cent
manufacturer's coupons (4 which doubled) so they ended up being .09 cents each.

Pedigree cans were on sale for .79 cents so I used some of those B1G1F manufacturer's coupons and got it for .40 cents a can.

At Kroger I snagged several good deals. They had wish bone dressing on sale for $1.74 and I used a couple of .75 cent printables from coupons.com so it was .99 cents each.

Broccoli crowns were on sale for $1 a pound. Oh I love this sale - broccoli is one of the (very) few veggies that I will eat and the kids eat it too so I always love to see a sale!
Kroger also had the smaller cans of Grands and Pillsbury sweet rolls on sale for $1. I used a .30/3 grands coupon (which tripled) and got them for .70 cents each. I used a .30/1 sweet rolls coupon (which tripled) and got them for .10 cents! Yummy!
Free Yakisoba's - .50 cent coupon (doubled).
I used a .50/1 coupon for rice (which doubled) so the rice was .19 cents a bag.
Okay that is my deals for the day! It was a good shopping trip and a good time with the boys. They really helped shop today and helped count the items, find the right stuff and at the self-checkout Bug helped check and Red helped bag - what a team we were! Life skills in action! :)

Until next time...clip clip clip and don't forget to check those receipts!


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