Monday, April 11, 2011

Savings at Wal-Mart!

Wal-Mart Deals!!!

Saved $74.60 using coupons.
Saved $41.30 using ad match-ups.

Total before coupons: $193.29
Total after savings: $118.69 (and $50 of that was a gas card!) Woo-Hoo!

The boys and I headed out this afternoon to get our Wal-Mart shopping done - a good trip it was to be! That of course was after the cell phone discussion with Daddy over their behavior! Sometimes Daddy's voice can do things Momma just can't seem to get across! Thank you Daddy!

I picked up 15 bags of Pedigree using $3/1 coupons - Lady will be happily crunching for $1.68 a bag. I also grabbed three boxes of FREE Purina One cat food. (I just noticed neither of these made it into the picture.)

Other good deals include an ad match on the Charmin Ultra - $3.99 minus a $1 coupon on each so they were actually $2.99! Picked up Hamburger helper with an ad match for .99 cents minus a .75/3 coupon = .74 cents a box. Grabbed some more Jimmy Dean sausage (a breakfast fav around here) with an ad match for $2.18 minus $1.50/2 = $1.43 each! I did an ad match and got salt 3/.88 cents. I also did an ad match on eggs - .89 cents each - Yeah! Margarine was an ad match as well at $1.79.

It was a very successful trip and I found the boys to be very helpful and considerate - thanks guys!

Remember all - be kind to your cashier, pass along a coupon and Check Your Receipt!

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